Jeffery AndrewJeffery Andrew



Certification/Practitioner for Dogs & small animals in:
Puppy & Dog Trainer/Training – Private, Group & Class Obedience Instruction for Positive Results
Therapeutic Massage
Sports Massage
Integrated Touch Therapy
Innovative Pet Touch Massage
Effective Pet Touch Massage For Senior Dogs
Acupressure-(includes Horses)
Animal Communication-(includes Horses)
Reiki-(includes Horses)
Flower Essences
Essential Oils
First Aid
Body Talk for Dogs1course
Photonic Acupressure Therapy
Chakra Balancing & Positional Release-(October 2009)
Animal Speak-(October 2009)
Ttouch-(December 2009)

Remember, in your dog’s eyes, you’re the pack leader. If you are a good leader, he will follow.  If not, he will challenge you.

CertificationsJeffery has experience in dog training since 1974 with his own dogs: Gypsy, shepard/husky mix; Luke, German Shepard; Pampet, Irish Settler; Ajax, White Shepard; and Cuda, Rottweiler — enough for now. Also, Jeffery was in a test group for the first of it’s kind program once he gradated high school and chose dog training to participate in a2-year program and excelled so quickly his instructors called him a natural. Received his Dog Training Degree in 1978 and has continued on with continuing education and enjoys what he does and shows it by volunteering many hours.

Jeffery is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Instructor & Evaluator.
He has trained with his own dogs:

Assistance Service Dog tasks

Jeffery is Associated with:

Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Professional Member
International Positive Dog Training Association, Gold Member
International Association of Animal Massage Therapy, Member
International Association of Assistance Dog Partners,

-Sarasota Obedience Training Club
-Assistant Obedience Class Instructor (past)
-Facilities Registrar (past)
-Member Humane Society of Sarasota County
-Massage Instructor-volunteer
-Canine Good Citizen tester-volunteer
-Assistant Obedience Class Instructor (past)
-Acumassage volunteer-(mascot – Mandy Sue)
-Dog Walker Volunteer
-Behaviorist Volunteer
-Demo Volunteer
-Member Best Friend’s Animal Society, Member, Sponsor, Volunteer
-American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Member, Sponsor

Completed Educational Courses & Seminars:

Assess-A-Pet-Understanding Aggression
Assess-A-Pet-Understanding our Adopters
Look-Hear & Smell from a dog’s perspective
On the ground look up see from the dogs eye’s
Shaping How & when to move on positively
Bite-O-Meter Hands on Dogs-Understanding Aggression
Handling-Aggressive,Prey-Driven or Anxious Dogs with Touch & Positive Reinforcement
Seeing is believing positive puppy & dog training
Dog Behavior & Aggression on the right path
5-Day Instructor’s Workshop, Behavior, Tracking, Obedience Training
5-Day Dog Behavior & Training
Obedience Training & Methodology Seminar for Developing Learning Skills & Behavior Knowledge
Ttouch-1&2-continuing 2 year course
Small animal therapeutic massage
Small animal sports massage
Small animal acupressure
Large animal acupressure
Large animal massage
TAG teach Primary Seminar
Tracking Informational Presentation
Body Talk Primary Seminar
Working with Essential Oils Humans & Animals
The Missing Link – Essential Oils
Body Wrapping for dogs
Dancing with your dog
Getting the rhythm with your dog
Getting applause with your dog
Nutrition for Dogs & Cats
Horse Anatomy
Dog Anatomy
Introduction to Meridians
Bladder Points
Body Language watch & see
Special Geriatric Handling for dogs
Respiratory Enhancement techniques
Relaxing your Dog with touch
Aggression, what to watch for
Supplements what and how to use for your dog’s diet
Clicker Training 101
Boat Safety for dogs