RockoRocko is a 9 year old American Bulldog.  Rocko is a cool dog.
He helps us in training with dogs because he is so calm. Rocko
is very good at sending calming signals which most animals
like including horses. Rocko also has a busy life as a certified
medical alert assistance/service dog.

Rocko’s tasks include the following:

Mobility – Help’s with walking keeping you sturdy, balances person at curbs & stairs.
Braces – Freeze’s his body in front of you so you can push down on him to help you off the floor, etc…
Alerts to Stranger Danger – Let’s you know calmly if danger is approaching.
Sends Calming Signals
Search & Find – Finds vechile he arrived in.
Search & Find – Lost Owner
Hearing Alerts – Let’s you know if alarm sounds.
Help’s up and down stair’s
Smells & Feels Body Chemical Changes & Either (alerts 15 – 30 minutes before occurence) or Calms you to lessen the Severiety – Seizures, Anxiety,Stress,Panic Attacks,Migraines, Ureic Acid levels, Blood Sugars,Etc…

What more can I say, the lives he touch’s are so warm and kind.
We have made some good friends over the past 2 years.

Rocko, I love you.

K9 Rocko