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Rottweiler Misconceptions

Rottweiler’s are often thought to be viciousus dogs due to improper training that most people have witnessed.  This breed of dog is not bred to be vicious, but is rather bred for power and ferocity, and due to the misconceptions that people have seen, they are seen as a mean dog.  We will help you see why dog training is a must with these dogs, and how to deal with puppy socialization

Children and Family

Rottweilers may seem mean, but they are great with kids.  These dogs tend to have a herding instinct that keeps them in touch with your kids, and keeps them from wandering off.  A Rottweiler will be very protective, but they will keep your children and you safe at all times.  The misconception of the Rottweiler being an angry dog comes partially from their fear of strangers.  When a Rottweiler becomes afraid, they become defensive and competitive, but with proper training, this should not be an issue.

How to Deal With Aggression Early

Rottweilers aren’t just afraid because of strangers, but anything that may encroach on their home.  These dogs need to have had great puppy socialization in order to be comfortable around strangers, but their barking can be avoided.  Training is needed with a Rottweiler, and if you are going to get one, we personally suggest you get one when it is a puppy.  Puppies will be trained in the ways that you personally want them to act instead of in the ideal’s of other people’s homes, and this will prevent future issues with aggression.  If they are not puppy trained, chances are that these dogs WILL be aggressive and potentially dangerous around strangers, so if you don’t have extra training time for a dog, do NOT get a Rottweiler.  These dogs need strict owners that will keep them in their place, and constant care and attention, good for bigger families.  These dogs are not naturally aggressive, but if you let them get angry with you, you will have future problems with training.  It is highly suggested that if you are one of the people who says things such as, ‘he can’t help it, he’s a puppy!’, that you do not get a Rottweiler.

All in all, a Rottweiler’s attitude is all in their training.  If you have questions, please contact our Florida dog training center!

Why Socialization in Puppies is Ideal

It is essential to your puppy’s development to be handled and trained by you and other people.  It allows your puppy to understand that humans are not something to fear, and begins the socialization skills off on a positive start.

Puppies need nail trimming, grooming, shots, and training.  And sometimes these tasks are not always completed by you.  There are professionals who handle these duties with ease.  But if your puppy is not common to new environments and other people, then your canine could react in a negative manner to these fresh elements.  Socialization is a means of making certain that nothing bad occurs when placed in an unfamiliar setting.

Why Puppy Socialization is Essential

The more exposure your pup has to various environments, the easier it will be for your pup to remain calm or at ease during hectic situations.  For instance, let us say you are taking your dog out for a walk.  Along the sidewalk there is construction unfolding with jackhammers, traffic build-up, loud noises, lots of people and pedestrian congestion.  But you need to give your dog’s daily exercise.  You are not going to turn around and go back home.  If your dog has a certain level of socialization experience, then it will not be a problem. Your dog will adapt by ignoring these factors regardless of the sound level.  If your dog is not able to adapt to the situation, then your dog may react with undesirable behavior.  It could lead to aggressive interactions, fear, insecurities, and the desire to runaway.

Avoid any negative situation from unfolding by properly socializing your pup to a wide array of people and settings.

Learn Socialization in Puppy Classes

To find out more about your puppy’s needs, enroll in a puppy kindergarten or puppy preschool today.  An expert will be able to guide you on socialization and other necessary elements for proper puppy training.

Why Enroll in Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy kindergarten is a great place to teach your pup the basics of growing up.  It teaches your pup to be comfortable around other dogs, people and not be afraid during unwarranted situations. It shows a pup how to socialize and behave in a positive manner.  It is an uplifting experience for you and your pup and the benefits are life lasting.  But what exactly does puppy kindergarten do?  What does a class consist of?  Here is a basic outline of what puppy kindergarten is about, and why you should enroll today.

Provides Support for You…and Your Puppy

It is difficult to manage teaching your puppy how to act when you are implementing it solo.  You may become frustrated taking away from the bonding opportunity available.  However, if you are teaching your puppy in a group, then there is instant support on how to handle the situation in a positive manner.  It keeps the lessons light, and there are experts available to help you along the way until you are comfortable to manage the situation on your own.

In addition, your puppy learns from watching and interacting with other puppies.  Therefore, if other puppies are picking up a lesson quickly, then your pup will take note and try to exhibit the same results.  It is a wonderful avenue to utilize when training your pup.

Your pup will receive many benefits from puppy kindergarten classes.  It teaches your pup the necessary socialization skills needed to live a healthy and happy life.  And who better to teach you then a Florida obedience dog trainer.  Contact him/her today and find out more details about puppy classes.

How to Provide a Healthy Home for Your Pup

When adding a puppy to your home there are a few things you need to keep in mind.  Here is a basic outline of essential tasks needed to provide your dog with a vigorous, happy life.

Implement Training and Socializing Skills

There is nothing more wonderful than bringing home a new puppy.  The puppy is excited and ready to love on every member of the household.  But with a new environment comes fresh ground rules for the pup.  For instance, you do not want your pup to think it is acceptable to chew on anything lying around the house.  Train your pup to use chew toys only.  In addition, if there are other animals in the house, it is wise to introduce the dog through socialization and training skills.

Also, if you are adding an adult dog to the home, then find a dog training class that teaches how to introduce your dog into a his/her new settings with positive reinforcement.  You want the transition to be enjoyable for all parties involved and socialization and training is the way to go.

Choose Nutritious Dog Food

Most dog professionals agree the first five ingredients in dog food are telling regarding the nutritional factor.  Within the first five ingredients, be sure two of them are high quality protein resources.   It will aid your dog into receiving a well-balanced diet.

Exercise Your Dog

Besides eating right, your dog needs to engage in exercise.  Provide your dog with ample playtime and physical activity.  Dogs are susceptible to many health issues caused by obesity.  Keep your dog active.  It is part of supplying your pup with a fit, stable, caring home.

Dogs need food, shelter and appropriate positive training.  These are the main factors to building a constructive, loving home for your pup.  If you are unsure on where or how to start, talk to a Florida dog obedience training professional or a k9 obedience instructor today.