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Important Dog Safety Tips For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, here are a couple of tips to keep your dog safe during the holiday. Valentine’s day is a special holiday filled with sweets, flowers and other gifts. As it is already known, chocolate is extremely bad for dogs. Make sure to keep your sweets out of your dogs reach. Take note, some flowers are highly poisonous when digested by dogs. Most dogs eat anything they can, especially if they enjoy the scent coming from objects.

Chocolate is a known cause to illness to dogs. Especially the fancy chocolates that are prearranged for Valentine’s Day. A lot of dogs enjoy chocolate. Some even take the time to eat just the chocolate and leave the wrapper. The chemicals that are used in the making of chocolate is the main reason they say chocolate is horrible for dogs. If your dog gets a hold of one piece of chocolate, there is no reason to panic. But, if you come home from your date and realize that all of your chocolate is gone, then you have a serious problem on your hands. Furthermore, dogs can also get ill from the wrappers that the sweets are wrapped in.

There are many flowers that are toxic to anyone, especially dogs. It is hard to tell if your dog has eaten a plant or flower; mainly because they can eat the whole thing and leave no trace of evidence. The problem with most flowers or plants they are grown to defend themselves. For example, roses grow with thorns for protection. If your dog is to try and eat a rose the thorns can get stabbed in their throats, gums and tongue. With out you being home, you have no way to help out your dog if they mistakenly digest one of your flowers or plants.

The other gifts that are received are teddy bears, stuffed animals, etc. Leaving any of these gifts out can cause harm to your animal if they get a hold of them. Most stuffed animals or teddy bears have small pieces attached to them that dogs seem to rip out, such as, eyes, nose, buttons, etc. The problem with this is that the animals can choke on the small pieces they get from chewing them off of the gifts.

Dogs are highly intelligent, but they are similar to little babies. The only way a dog can tell what something is by sticking objects in their mouths. The only way to protect them from things they are not supposed to have is by putting them out of reach of your animal. So before you decide to go out this holiday make sure to puppy proof your houses and not to leave your new gifts in reach of your dogs. Following these tips will keep your dog safe for Valentine’s day.

How to be a Holiday Pet Sitter

florida-dog-training-become-holiday-pet-sitter-tipsWe have talked about what to look for in a pet sitter in prior blogs, but we have never discussed what it takes to be a pet sitter.  If you are looking for extra holiday cash and you love pets, then being a pet sitter is the way to go.  It is in big demand during this time of the year.  Here are some tips on how to become an effective and successful pet sitter.

What Type of Dog Training is Necessary?

It is necessary to understand positive reinforcement training.  It helps you interact in an upbeat manner using a system of rewards and basic commands.  It keeps the dogs calm and following directions while still having a good time.  This will help you become a popular, successful and in-demand holiday pet sitter.

List of Materials Needed for Success

The first thing you need is a customized emergency packet for different occasions.  For instance, in the car you transport pets, drive them to dog parks, and take them for walks after a nice drive in the car.  So keep in the car things to cater to this situation.  Pack a first aid kit, extra leashes, collars, pet food, water bowl and a clean-up pet spray in case accidents happen in your vehicle.

At home, keep a packet filled with necessities.  To add value to your services, take a pet CPR class.  It will instill confidence in yourself, and the pet owners.  They will feel comfortable leaving their loving pets in your hands.

The expenses spent to establish a pet sitting business is minimal.  It is a matter of becoming comfortable with pet training.  Talk to one our Florida dog training or k9 obedience experts today.  Find out what skills are required to become a prominent pet sitter in your area.

How to Find a Holiday Pet Sitter

The best gift you can give your pet for the holidays is to spend time with him.  But this is not always feasible.  Sometimes you have to travel and keep your pet at home.  Alternatively, there are many holiday parties to attend, and it would be inappropriate to bring your dog along.  Our Florida dog training professionals understand this issue.  Thus, we have come up with suggestions on what to look for when hiring someone to watch your pet.

Why You Need to Hire a Pet Sitter

A pet sitter is someone who is in the business because they love animals.  If you leave your pet with a friend or neighbor, the attentive care a professional provides might be missing.

With an experienced pet sitter, the person will facilitate maintaining your dog’s feeding, exercise, and bathroom schedule.   Make sure the person is aware of what to do in emergencies.

Also, be certain the person has a contract to protect your dog and home as well.  If the selected pet sitter does not have a contract, then be leery about hiring him/her.  It could be a problem.  It shows the sitter does not want to be liable for any damages, personal belongings or your pet.

What to Look for in a Pet Sitter

Does the pet sitter know first aid?  Has the sitter earned certification through Red Cross?  What type of training has he/she gone through?  These are important questions to ask when looking for a loving, kind and effective pet sitter.

To find a pet sitter in your area, talk to one of our k9 obedience instructors today.