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You, your dog, and the endless possibilities:

Before you can truly have worry-free fun with your dog outside, you must enroll him in an obedience course, or have trained him yourself. Your dog needs to be trustworthy not only at home but wherever you go.

Here are some great ideas:

What better way is there for you and your canine companion to spend time together and get healthy at the same time, than to go for a walk? Dogs have a natural migration instinct and need to go on daily walks to mentally compensate for this.

Many of the hunting breeds and terriers love to play with a ball. Some dogs are more enthusiastic about this toy than others. While one dog may fetch the ball after you throw it, another may look at you like “you threw it, you get it.” Some dogs would rather have a ball that rattles, but I find that the majority like to indulge in the squeaky ones. Your best bet is to let your dog decide the right toy for him.

Take your dog to a nearby lake, or if your lucky, the beach. Many breeds, such as Labs, love to play in the water. You can incorporate fetching with the water. Throw one of your dog’s favorite toys a short distance in the water so he can rush in to retrieve it. Make sure your toy of choice can easily float.

Learn to groom your dog yourself. Not only will this save you time and money, it is a good bonding experience for the both of you. You will have also gained the satisfaction of knowing that it was you that made it happen. It’s really not that hard to pull off, as long as you have the right tools of course. Invest in a quality dog grooming set. A pair of clippers that cost less than $100 usually won’t cut well and won’t last very long.

One of the best things to do with your dog is to simply do nothing at all! They are at your side at almost every moment of the day, when your home. If you’re watching TV our using the computer, your k9 pal is most likely lying at your feet. If you’re in bed, your dog is usually on the floor beside you. Just each others presence can be enough for the both of you.

Dog Bonding Time

Dogs are a common household pet today, and being so common, they are often neglected.  In some peoples lives, free time is a rarity, but spending some quality time with your pet can make all the difference in both of your lives. For many of you, your dogs get a kick out of going on a walk every day, or even just playing around the house, and if this works for you and your pet, great! If it doesn’t than you’re probably looking for some new things to try.  Quality time with your dog is positive reinforcement for them to act well, and it lets them know they’re loved, so for some of you who want new ways to spend time with your dog, here are a few good ideas.

Doggy Dates

Doggy dates are simply when you bring your dog over to a friends house to have a play date! Doggy dates are an especially good idea for people with only one dog. This is because without a friend in the house, they could easily be ignorant in the subject of dog socialization and not know how to act around other dogs.  Letting your dogs play with your friends dogs will let them have friends away from home, creating an outside life for them!

New Terrain

There are many places that your dog has probably never been to, so why not explore a little? Bringing your dog to farms, beaches, the woods, the desert, or anywhere they haven’t had the chance to go on an adventure will give them a chance to experience new things and new places.  You can take your dog hiking, swimming, boating, walking, and easily enhance your relationship by including them in your adventures.  Additionally, always consider bringing your dog on vacation with you, when you’re traveling.  Not only do they make great companions, but they’ll be thrilled at the chance to go somewhere :)

Going Out

I have a friend who takes her dog everywhere with her, if she’s going to drop her daughter off, her dog goes on a car ride with her, if she’s going on a walk, you know she brought her dog, and this is a great relationship.  Taking your dog wherever you go with you will give you some great bonding time without you having to make much time at all for them.  They’ll enjoy your company, and they’ll enjoy yours!

In all, just make time for your dog, weather it be a dog training class, or an off road excursion, they’ll love spending time with you! For more information on Dog obedience classes, take a look at our Florida Dog Training website.

Love your dog!

Animal Shelter Adoption

We’ve all seen those heart-breaking commercials advertising adoption from pet shelters, and there are many reasons to do so. Here are some dog adoption tips that will help you save the life of an animal.

Saving a Life

So many people realize that they don’t have room for a dog in their life and decide to rid themselves of the ‘burden’ in the wrong way.  Because of this, about sixty percent of all dogs in shelters are euthanized each year.  If more people made the decision to adopt a pet instead of buying one, millions of animals could be saved every year.  Not only would you save the life of one animal by adopting, but two by the space you opened up at the shelter.

Getting a Healthy Pet

Animals in pet shelters are regularly healthy and happy, waiting for new owners  to take them home!  Many shelters spay or neuter their animals, and scan them in order to administer all shots prior to any adoption.  Many shelters even check their animals temperaments in order to give them to the right family, so you can be sure that you are getting the right pet for your living situation.  It’s often an idea that animals are in a pet shelter for being bad, but things such as divorce, family issues, moving or financial difficulty are often reasons for pets being sent to a shelter. Also it is often that in pet shelters that the animals share cages with several others, so they are tame and friendly in dog socialization.


Pet stores are known for making a pet cost a fortune.  At a pet store, you can pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a companion.  However,   at a pet shelter animals come at a drastically lower cost.  In addition to the advantage of low cost, (as stated before) the animals are also generally spayed or neutered, leaving less for you to worry about.

So save a life, save some money, and feel good about your decision to change the life of an animal that needs you.  Adopt a pet!

How to Provide a Healthy Home for Your Pup

When adding a puppy to your home there are a few things you need to keep in mind.  Here is a basic outline of essential tasks needed to provide your dog with a vigorous, happy life.

Implement Training and Socializing Skills

There is nothing more wonderful than bringing home a new puppy.  The puppy is excited and ready to love on every member of the household.  But with a new environment comes fresh ground rules for the pup.  For instance, you do not want your pup to think it is acceptable to chew on anything lying around the house.  Train your pup to use chew toys only.  In addition, if there are other animals in the house, it is wise to introduce the dog through socialization and training skills.

Also, if you are adding an adult dog to the home, then find a dog training class that teaches how to introduce your dog into a his/her new settings with positive reinforcement.  You want the transition to be enjoyable for all parties involved and socialization and training is the way to go.

Choose Nutritious Dog Food

Most dog professionals agree the first five ingredients in dog food are telling regarding the nutritional factor.  Within the first five ingredients, be sure two of them are high quality protein resources.   It will aid your dog into receiving a well-balanced diet.

Exercise Your Dog

Besides eating right, your dog needs to engage in exercise.  Provide your dog with ample playtime and physical activity.  Dogs are susceptible to many health issues caused by obesity.  Keep your dog active.  It is part of supplying your pup with a fit, stable, caring home.

Dogs need food, shelter and appropriate positive training.  These are the main factors to building a constructive, loving home for your pup.  If you are unsure on where or how to start, talk to a Florida dog obedience training professional or a k9 obedience instructor today.

Children and Dogs Live Happily Ever After

The idea of children and dogs living together does not bring forth the idea of a harmonious home.  But if you talk to a Florida dog training professional, he/she will inform you that it is possible.  It is does not come about naturally, but with proper socialization taught to the pup and the child, then the two are able to live under the same roof without any biting or negative incident occurring.

Teach Your Child about Dogs

If your child is a toddler or younger, then it is advised to supervise interaction between the two.  Once the child reaches beyond toddler age, then it is essential to teach your child the basics about dog care.

For instance, teach your child not to touch the dog during feeding time.  A dog is instinctively aggressive while eating.  Thus, if a child, teenager or young adult approaches the dog during these times, then the dog will nip, bite and act in an aggressive manner.

In addition, teach your child not to attempt to separate two fighting dogs.  Educate your kid to ask an adult or someone else to break-up the situation.   There are many incidents reported annually where young adults are injured due to this exact scenario.  Thus, it is important subject matter to address with your children.

Break Bad Habits Immediately

Little kids exhibit specific bad habits when around dogs.  One display of common, negative behavior is children tend to pull on a pup’s ears.  Teach your child that it is not appropriate and stop it immediately.  A negative behavior acted upon between a child and a dog needs to be broken as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about how to introduce a dog to a new baby in a home talk to a k9 obedience professional today.

Dog Introductions Take Time

Dog Socialization Takes Time

Dogs are social animals and enjoy companionship with their owners and other dogs.  But you need to take your time when introducing a new pup into the house.  When you are ready to adopt another dog, have patience.  Stay positive and remember these guidelines to help the two socialize on a happy level.

Do Not Force It

When bringing home a new pup, do not bring another pet along for introductions during the car ride.  The car is not neutral ground to bring two dogs together.  Do not try it. Instead, wait until you get home.  Take them out on a walk together offering introductions on neutral territory.  While on a walk, dogs expend energy.  Thus, the dogs will not be anxious walking next to each other.  The energy spent is on the physical aspect of walking.  As a result, there is a true chance for the two dogs to release nervous energy and just be comfortable with one another.  Walking together becomes a natural thing for dogs when given the chance to bond during a walk.

Prevent Rivalries

Provide each dog with his/her own water and food bowls.  Do the same with chew toys and other favorite items the prior pup may own.  You may wish to keep each dog’s toys in confined areas, so it does not instigate any fighting between one another.

To truly develop a cohesive home join a Florida dog obedience training class today.  Sarasota dog training classes are available to teach you and your dogs not to clash, but to bond with one another enriching the lives of all whom reside there, regardless if human or animal.