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Important Dog Safety Tips For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, here are a couple of tips to keep your dog safe during the holiday. Valentine’s day is a special holiday filled with sweets, flowers and other gifts. As it is already known, chocolate is extremely bad for dogs. Make sure to keep your sweets out of your dogs reach. Take note, some flowers are highly poisonous when digested by dogs. Most dogs eat anything they can, especially if they enjoy the scent coming from objects.

Chocolate is a known cause to illness to dogs. Especially the fancy chocolates that are prearranged for Valentine’s Day. A lot of dogs enjoy chocolate. Some even take the time to eat just the chocolate and leave the wrapper. The chemicals that are used in the making of chocolate is the main reason they say chocolate is horrible for dogs. If your dog gets a hold of one piece of chocolate, there is no reason to panic. But, if you come home from your date and realize that all of your chocolate is gone, then you have a serious problem on your hands. Furthermore, dogs can also get ill from the wrappers that the sweets are wrapped in.

There are many flowers that are toxic to anyone, especially dogs. It is hard to tell if your dog has eaten a plant or flower; mainly because they can eat the whole thing and leave no trace of evidence. The problem with most flowers or plants they are grown to defend themselves. For example, roses grow with thorns for protection. If your dog is to try and eat a rose the thorns can get stabbed in their throats, gums and tongue. With out you being home, you have no way to help out your dog if they mistakenly digest one of your flowers or plants.

The other gifts that are received are teddy bears, stuffed animals, etc. Leaving any of these gifts out can cause harm to your animal if they get a hold of them. Most stuffed animals or teddy bears have small pieces attached to them that dogs seem to rip out, such as, eyes, nose, buttons, etc. The problem with this is that the animals can choke on the small pieces they get from chewing them off of the gifts.

Dogs are highly intelligent, but they are similar to little babies. The only way a dog can tell what something is by sticking objects in their mouths. The only way to protect them from things they are not supposed to have is by putting them out of reach of your animal. So before you decide to go out this holiday make sure to puppy proof your houses and not to leave your new gifts in reach of your dogs. Following these tips will keep your dog safe for Valentine’s day.

Food to Keep Your Dog Away From

A healthy diet can be very important in dog care.  Everyone knows not to feed your dog certain foods, such as chocolate, because they act as dog poison.  However, there are many other things that you want to steer your dog clear of to keep him or her healthy.  For this purpose, here are some foods within certain food groups that they should stay away from.

Fruits and veggies

Onions and garlic are a big no-no in the veggie group.  These foods destroy dogs’ red blood cells and can leave their system unbalanced.  In addition to onions and garlic, it is a smart idea to stay away from all fruits with pits.  Peach and plum pits contain cyanide, which is poisonous to humans and dogs alike.  Eating fruit pits can also cause issues in the digestive system.


Fat trimmings and bones are something you want to keep your dog away from.  Both have been known for causing pancreatic problems, and bones often cause lacerations in the digestive system. All raw meat is also a keep-away.  Raw materials can cause food poisoning, and if it isn’t treated properly, the disease can be fatal in 2 weeks or less.


As far as beverages go, it’s pretty clear to keep your dog away from caffeinated or alcoholic beverages.  This is because these two drinks have the same effect on dogs as they do on humans, but work faster and more aggressively on a dogs system.

Other foods to avoid

All foods or beverages containing dairy are something you should keep your dog away from.  Dairy causes dogs to have diarrhea, and an upset stomach (often resulting in vomiting).  Another result from dairy is often food allergies which can result in itchiness, so save them some pain and don’t feed it to them.  One other food to avoid is Macadamia nuts.  This food should be avoided at all costs! Six types of nuts can cause illness in dogs and result in muscle tremors, vomiting, high fever, rapid heart rate, and even death, so be careful with macadamia nuts.  Just as well, keep your dog away from dough.  Dough rises before it is baked, and will do the same in a dog’s stomach.

Take care of your dog by keeping him away from harmful foods!

Dog Poison Tip #2

Common Household Products Damage Your Dog’s Health

There are items around or in households that may be lethal to your dog’s health.  Being cautious and aware of what these items are is the first step to protecting your dog’s wellbeing.  For this reason, we are continuing the “Dog Poison” series with this entry.  Here are a few more items to put on your list.  These items need to be stored away properly far from your dog’s reach.

Remove Cleaning Products

If a human ingests a cleaning product, it causes damage.  Thus, why would it would be any different when it comes to your puppy?  Keep all household cleaning products in safekeeping, where your pets will not be able to encounter them.  Remember, some cleaners emit toxic vapors putting your dog in danger.  Check your cleaning labels before using anything in the house.  Make sure it is safe for your pet before applying on furniture and floors.

Check Pesticide Safety

Pesticides may be fatal on your dog.  Be careful when using any sort of pesticide product.  You need to ask a professional or talk to your vet first.  Find out what pesticide is safe to use around pets.  It is better to be sure you utilize a safe product than one that may cause serious illnesses in your precious pup.

These are only a few hazardous products putting your dog’s health at-risk.  To find out more information about what products are safe ask a professional.  Talk to experts in k9 training.  Enroll in a Florida dog obedience training class today.  An experienced instructor will provide ample information on what products are proper to use around pets and what items should be disposed of immediately

Dog Poison Tip #1

Watch Out for Dog Poisons

Many ordinary, household items, if ingested by your dog, may cause your pet to turn fatally ill.  You need to be careful of what you leave laying around the house, and keep things out of your pup’s reach.  Here are a few items to keep stored away and inaccessible to your dog.

Human Food

When the whole family is sitting around the dining room table, and you have not taught your dog to exit the room during dinnertime, you leave your dog at risk.  For you leave your dog available to eat scraps off the dining room floor.  By doing so, your dog may be in danger.  For example, if someone at the table is eating chocolate brownies for dessert and your dog eats up the leftover chocolate left on the floor, then you may be putting your pup’s life in danger.  Chocolate is the number one killer of dogs.   It causes excessive diarrhea, vomiting, abnormal heart palpitations, and seizures.  You should teach your dog how to sit in his/her own spot during human mealtime preventing your dog from ingesting table scraps.

Human Drugs

Human medications may cause your dog to die.  You need to keep all medicines off countertops and away in high shelves unreachable to your pup.  If you do not take these precautions, your dog may ingest whatever liquid, pills, tablets left in plain sight without knowing the risk involved.  You are the responsible, loving pet owner.  Therefore, ensure your actions reflect this and provide your dog with a healthy and happy environment.

Pet owners across the world, would love to keep their pets around as long as possible.  Thus, be responsible and do the right thing.  Keep the human food and medications away from your dog ensuring your dog’s health remains intact, not faltering due to the presence of these harmful elements.

To find out more about what household items may harm your dog; check out Florida dog training classes and puppy preschool today.