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Private Education Lessons for Your Dog:

Are you afraid of a commitment to a six week class? Are your dog’s behavioral issues targeted to one specific area? Maybe you and your dog would just prefer a more intimate one-on-one training session? Look into private lessons for your canine friend. This is perfect if you always have a busy schedule. Realistic training goals personalized around your schedule.

Advanced Education Lessons:

An advanced education course will help to strengthen your dog’s maturity in everyday situations. After the completion of this intensive 6 week process, your dog will earn a Graduation Degree. Main issues covered such as, remaining calm while given affection, loose leash walking and how to heel, learning without giving in to distractions and specific games to build good reliability.

Intermediate Education Lessons:

An intermediate education course will help to develop your dog’s ability to further learn behaviors involving distance, duration and distractions. After making it through this extensive 6 week process, your dog will earn a certificate of completion. Key areas covered include, a brief review of basic commands such as to stay from a distance, heel, or stand. Learn how to focus despite any distractions, and games that will help to form your relationship.

Beginner Education Lessons:

Mostly intended for puppies but also welcomes adult dogs that have had no prior training. After this intensive 6 week process, your dog will earn a certificate of completion. Key topics covered such as simple cues, like sit, come, and to stay down. Learn problem solving and using respectable house manners. Take on health, grooming and proper dog nutrition as well as proper relationship building games.

Personal Dog Training Camp:

Make your dog’s day even more exciting by getting signed up today in a personal training camp. These sessions offer hands on training just for you and your canine friend. The pet training instructors arm themselves with positive reinforcing techniques to teach your dog some new skills, or to staying on top of a previous bad behavior.

Private Puppy Education:

Give your puppy the right start with classes that will encourage good behavior while helping you create that strong lasting bond with your pet. Specific areas including, introduction a simple command, such as sit, come here and stay there. Show basic manners and good social skills with other people and other dogs. Learn about relationship establishing games and problem prevention guidelines. Also, learn some tips about health, grooming and puppy nutritional facts.

Dog Bonding Time

Dogs are a common household pet today, and being so common, they are often neglected.  In some peoples lives, free time is a rarity, but spending some quality time with your pet can make all the difference in both of your lives. For many of you, your dogs get a kick out of going on a walk every day, or even just playing around the house, and if this works for you and your pet, great! If it doesn’t than you’re probably looking for some new things to try.  Quality time with your dog is positive reinforcement for them to act well, and it lets them know they’re loved, so for some of you who want new ways to spend time with your dog, here are a few good ideas.

Doggy Dates

Doggy dates are simply when you bring your dog over to a friends house to have a play date! Doggy dates are an especially good idea for people with only one dog. This is because without a friend in the house, they could easily be ignorant in the subject of dog socialization and not know how to act around other dogs.  Letting your dogs play with your friends dogs will let them have friends away from home, creating an outside life for them!

New Terrain

There are many places that your dog has probably never been to, so why not explore a little? Bringing your dog to farms, beaches, the woods, the desert, or anywhere they haven’t had the chance to go on an adventure will give them a chance to experience new things and new places.  You can take your dog hiking, swimming, boating, walking, and easily enhance your relationship by including them in your adventures.  Additionally, always consider bringing your dog on vacation with you, when you’re traveling.  Not only do they make great companions, but they’ll be thrilled at the chance to go somewhere :)

Going Out

I have a friend who takes her dog everywhere with her, if she’s going to drop her daughter off, her dog goes on a car ride with her, if she’s going on a walk, you know she brought her dog, and this is a great relationship.  Taking your dog wherever you go with you will give you some great bonding time without you having to make much time at all for them.  They’ll enjoy your company, and they’ll enjoy yours!

In all, just make time for your dog, weather it be a dog training class, or an off road excursion, they’ll love spending time with you! For more information on Dog obedience classes, take a look at our Florida Dog Training website.

Love your dog!

Why Dogs Need Exercise

Dogs have a built-in need to exercise.  It is a way for dogs to release energy.  If this need is unmet on a regular basis, then dogs find alternative ways to expend vigor that is not in a constructive manner.

Lack of Exercise Equals Destruction

Do you ever wonder why your dog chews up the house or why your pup scratches and digs all day long?  Does your dog engage in excessive barking?  Does your dog frequently raid the garbage?  You need to examine how often you play with your dog or provide your pup with exercise.  If your dog is lacking in participation of activities, then the dog will substitute the physical actions with negative behaviors.  These are bad habits for your dog to adapt.  To prevent this from happening enroll your pup in agility classes or dog obedience training classes.  These classes allow your pup the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, bond with you, and provide a positive atmosphere to let loose.  Thus, when you come home your dog is relaxed, happy and peaceful.

Ample Exercise Exemplifies Happy Home

When you ensure that your dog is engaging in exercise on a daily basis, you are improving the quality of life for your dog, and you.  You decrease your dog’s need to chew, bite and bark.  It eliminates a significant number of bad behaviors from continuing to develop.  The dog also will be able to sleep and rest quietly at night.  It also prolongs your dog’s life by keeping your dog in shape.

For more information on why dogs need exercise talk to a Florida dog obedience training class today.

You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Your dog needs to respect, love and bond with you in a positive environment.  You should set aside a regular amount of time each day to play, teach, and interact with your dog and what better atmosphere to do so than in a dog obedience class.  For what if you have a dog that you adore, but the dog suffers from separation anxiety.  Alternatively, what if you have been communicating with a dog incorrectly and your message is not getting through.  Perhaps there is a better way to handle things.

Positive Dog Obedience Classes are the Way to Go

Your dog needs to continue learning throughout its entire life.  A dog obedience training class is the way to accomplish this in an encouraging setting.  For when a dog ages, the dog’s traits, negative and positive, slowly become transparent.  Therefore, you need to be prepared for such changes to happen.  In addition, if your dog originated from a line of breeds known to be aggressors, then the obedience training would teach you how to calm and redirect the aggressive characteristics.  As a result, your dog transforms into a wonderful companion for the entire family to enjoy.

Florida dog training will show you the proper way to correct behavioral problems preventing them from reoccurring.  A trained and experienced professional will show you how to set boundaries, promote wanted behavior and change unwanted habits.  For it is never too late for you and your dog to learn.