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Misleadings in Teacup Puppies

Many people love tiny dogs, and Teacup puppies has become very popular in dog adoption.  Not only are these adorable puppies seen as a best friend, but additionally  a fashion trend all over the world. But as we all know, to every good thing comes something bad, so this is written as a warning.  No matter how insanely adorable these puppies may be, there are a few dog adoption tips you may want to read about before getting them.

‘Teacup’ Title and Breeding

Dogs come in many breeds; hounds, mutts, toy’s, and more.  If you have ever watched a dog show, you would notice that there is no competition in the teacup category.  This is because the ‘teacup’ title does not qualify a different type of dog, but rather refers to the size of a dog.  These dogs generally weigh from four to seven pounds, and are extremely fragile due to their size.  Teacups are easily injured, if you even accidentally step on them, it could be fatal simply because of their size. It is never safe to breed a dog under five pounds, but these breeders are playing with genetics, and the faults in these puppies are proof of their wrongdoing.

Fragility and Diseases

These puppies (as mentioned before) are uncommonly fragile due to their small size and unconventional breeding.  ‘Teacup’ puppies often encounter respiratory problems, and often do not live past a few years.  many other diseases and issues that are often contracted in these small dogs include hypoglycemia, cardiac problems, collapsing trachea, luxating patellas, Leggs Calves Perthes disease, seizures, blindness and digestive problems.

The Undertaking

We are not trying to decrease the adoption of small puppies, but we are merely trying to warn you of the drawbacks that are commonly included in these small dogs, and what it could mean for your future.  These dogs become a huge responsibility despite their size, and may take a lot of time and money to keep.  With this in mind, remember that when it comes to dog care, a Teacup may not be the best idea if you want an easy dog.

Animal Shelter Adoption

We’ve all seen those heart-breaking commercials advertising adoption from pet shelters, and there are many reasons to do so. Here are some dog adoption tips that will help you save the life of an animal.

Saving a Life

So many people realize that they don’t have room for a dog in their life and decide to rid themselves of the ‘burden’ in the wrong way.  Because of this, about sixty percent of all dogs in shelters are euthanized each year.  If more people made the decision to adopt a pet instead of buying one, millions of animals could be saved every year.  Not only would you save the life of one animal by adopting, but two by the space you opened up at the shelter.

Getting a Healthy Pet

Animals in pet shelters are regularly healthy and happy, waiting for new owners  to take them home!  Many shelters spay or neuter their animals, and scan them in order to administer all shots prior to any adoption.  Many shelters even check their animals temperaments in order to give them to the right family, so you can be sure that you are getting the right pet for your living situation.  It’s often an idea that animals are in a pet shelter for being bad, but things such as divorce, family issues, moving or financial difficulty are often reasons for pets being sent to a shelter. Also it is often that in pet shelters that the animals share cages with several others, so they are tame and friendly in dog socialization.


Pet stores are known for making a pet cost a fortune.  At a pet store, you can pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a companion.  However,   at a pet shelter animals come at a drastically lower cost.  In addition to the advantage of low cost, (as stated before) the animals are also generally spayed or neutered, leaving less for you to worry about.

So save a life, save some money, and feel good about your decision to change the life of an animal that needs you.  Adopt a pet!

Thinking About Getting a New Dog?

When you are thinking of getting a new dog, there are many things to take into consideration.  Becoming a dog owner is a big decision, so before you get one, there are a few things you want to be sure of.  Firstly, make sure you have room for a new pet in your life.  A dog is a big responsibility, and you should be committed to if you are going to get one.  Also think of the cost of owning a dog. If getting a dog suits your life style, congratulations! Here are a few dog adoption tips.


When most people consider getting a new dog, they have a size in mind.  Dog sizes span from those adorable little lap dogs to the goofy big dogs, so make sure you have a type in mind.  Different dogs can live comfortably in different living situations.  If you live in a small house or apartment, it is probably best to get a medium, or smaller sized dog for the animal’s comfort.  No matter how much you may like big dogs, they can wreak havoc in smaller houses.  Also consider that small dogs are very fragile, and often are seriously injured by clumsiness. Additionally, Cool climates are more ideal for larger dogs, while small dogs tend to live better in warmer places.


Age is a big deal when trying to choose a dog.  Puppies can be really cute, but if you don’t want to put in all the extra time and effort into training one, you may want to consider getting an older dog. Just in case you do want to adopt a puppy, here are a few puppy tips The first six months of having a puppy will most likely be the hardest.  The first few months involve potty training, teaching them not to chew furniture and clothes, coping with other house animals, and many other things.  Also keep in mind that puppies may seem calm when you first see them, but with a puppy you want to see it a few times before deciding, seeing as they can be unbelievably tired and then eccentrically energetic.  Adopting an adult dog can be an excellent choice if you want to know the dog’s regular energy level, and temperament.


Lastly, you want to look at the type of dog you want.  There is a surplus of dogs to choose from, so do your research! From Rhodesian ridge backs to French bulldogs, there is a big difference in every type of dog.

What to Know about Adopting a Teacup

Many dog owners wonder if adopting a smaller breed is the right choice for them.  Small breed dogs are great but there are essential things to be aware of when buying these adorable teacup pets.

Size Does Matter

Adopting a teacup dog does make life simple in terms of space.  You do not need lots of space for these animals.  You just need a little bit of room for the dog to run around in.  However, you do need to take safety precautions.

Remove any electrical wires that are reachable by a teacup.  Larger breeds cannot get behind televisions, couches and other tiny areas, but a teacup can.  Remove any hazardous material found in cubbyholes.

Healing Time is Fatal

The main downfall of adopting a teacup is the health risk involved.  When an injury occurs to a large breed dog, the dog is able to heal properly without many issues.  The large body is able to handle the trauma.  When a teacup is injured, the results could be fatal.  A little teacup canine body can only take so much.   A teacup’s bones, body and organs are delicate and need additional attention and care.  If you are aware of this going into adoption then you will be able to provide a loving, safe, happy home for your new teacup pet.

To learn more about the pros and cons of adopting a teacup breed, talk to a Florida dog training professional of a k9 obedience instructor today!

Top 3 Tips: How to Adopt a Shelter Dog

Rescuing a dog from a shelter is a great way to add an additional family member to your home.  These dogs are in dire need of attention and love.  They crave it and when you provide them with a stable, healthy loving house then they respond positive to the surroundings and the entire family.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when adopting a shelter dog.

Volunteer at the Shelter

When you spend time at the shelter, you are able to see how different breeds interact with other dogs and people.  This gives you a better understanding if a specific breed dog is more suitable to your lifestyle and family make-up.  For instance, if you have other dogs in the house, then look for a breed at the shelter that gets along with others.  If you have an active lifestyle, adopt a dog that suits these attributes.  It helps to experience first-hand, which dog benefits the most from your home environment.  If you are unsure about volunteering, then spend some time at the shelter to attain the same information.  It helps you make the right decision.

Do Not Rule Out Adult Dogs

Puppies are adorable, and it is only natural to be drawn to them first.  However, take into consideration what comes with puppies.  Puppies take lots of training; engage in chewing up furniture and shoes.  There is the accident spill phase to get through ruining your flooring and furniture.  Why go through any of it when you could adopt an adult dog?  They are just as lovable, easy to train, and are able to adapt to the environment at a faster pace.

Prepare Your Home

Do not wait until you bring your new canine home to stock up on supplies.  Start collecting the right dog food, toys, bedding, leash, and collar.  These are all things you can do ahead of time.  Also, put away any electrical cords that might be in the way of the dog or other harmful objects lying around.  In addition, childproof your kitchen cabinets or anywhere you store cleaning materials.  You do not want your dog to digest something toxic.  Keep these items out of harm’s way.

To find out more about adopting a shelter dog, talk to a Florida dog obedience instructor or a k9 obedience teacher today.