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Want to be Healthier in 2011? Adopt a Dog!

The health benefits of owning a pet are well known – even watching a fish tank or stroking a cat can help lower blood pressure and create a sense of calm.  However, when it comes to the health benefits of having a pet, nothing is better than owning a dog!

According to the well-respected resource WebMD, the health benefits of owning a dog include:

1. Lower blood pressure
2. Reduce stress
3. Lower your risk for heart attacks
4. Lower your risk for strokes
5. Prevent and cure depression
6. Help keep you physically fit
7. Develop fewer allergies
8. Strengthen your immunity to allergies
9. Improve mental health
10. Build stronger bones

An overlooked way that owning a dog can help keep your wallet healthier is the savings in prescriptions and health care costs associated with illness.  Additionally, if you walk your dog twice daily, you’ll receive your daily recommended dose of cardiovascular activity.  To ramp up  that activity level, consider engaging in Florida dog obedience training, or even Florida Dog Agility Classes.  Both you and your pet will benefits from the physical activity involved in these training courses, and have fun while doing it!  Like any form of exercise, the key to keeping it up in having fun while doing it, and engaging in these types of activities with your pet are definitely enjoyable!

Whether you are a senior citizen living alone, a stay-at-home-parent, or a young single person, your health and happiness can increase considerably by bringing a canine companion into your household.  Don’t delay…  it’s just what the doctor ordered!

A New Years Resolution for You and Your Dog

Like most people, you may be considering making a New Year’s Resolution about losing weight or becoming more active.  Take a good look at your beloved canine companion…  does he or she need to lose weight or become more active as well?  Doing it together could be just the ticket for both you and your dog, and it can be extremely fun as well!

Enrolling in dog agility classes is a great way for both you and your dog to spend more time in physical activity.  Come learn how much fun your dog can have crawling through tunnels, tipping a seesaw, scrambling over an A-frame and jumping over hurdles and through a tire.  Both you and your dog will spend the entire class period running, jumping, and having a FUN, exciting, active time together.  Moreover, you will be helping create a more responsive, well-trained dog while you’re having such a good time bonding together.

If you’re a Florida resident, make sure to check out Florida dog agility training.  By the end of the course, you will learn to teach your dog to pay attention when asked, greet strangers and known visitors alike politely, come when called, walk on a loose leash, lie down, wait and stay. If you’ve ever encountered problems at the dog park or while out on a walk, you’ll be happy to know that agility classes also stress management skills, socialization, “MANNERS” and problem solving.

Best of all, the human companion also benefits from the physical activity of dog agility training!  Make 2011 the year for a fit, healthy You and a fit, healthy, happy pet as well!

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips for Pets

Just like the 4th of July, New Year’s Eve is a fun holiday for people but a difficult one for our pets. Fireworks, which are common on New Year’s Eve, can cause even a dog who has been through k9 obedience training to run away from the scary, loud sounds and sparks. The fun and frivolity of a party can also be dangerous for your pet.

A few common sense tips can help keep your dog safe on New Year’s while still allowing you to have your fun:

1. Keep your dog inside on New Year’s Eve. Period. Even if your city doesn’t have scheduled fireworks, many individuals in your neighborhood may be setting them off, and some people even have the frightening and dangerous tradition of shooting firearms into the air at midnight. Keep your pets inside to help ensure their safety.
2. Don’t take your pet with you on New Year’s Eve, even if you usually allow them to tag along. This will help ensure that a random frightening event won’t make them bolt away from you.
3. Make sure your dog wears an identification tag. Even with your best efforts, if your dog gets out when friends are letting themselves in and out during a party, he may bolt. If your dog doesn’t have an id tag, write your phone number with a permanent marker on his collar.
4. If you’re hosting a party, make sure that your guests keep alcohol and other dangerous foods away from your dog. Chocolate, raisins, and many varieties of nuts can be toxic to dogs, so keep your dog safely away from the temptation by crating them or locking them into a room where guests won’t be allowed.

To help keep your dog safe on New Year’s Eve – and every day of the year, you should also strongly consider Florida dog obedience training.  There’s no substitute for a well-trained pet in a potentially dangerous situation.

Why You Need Dog Training Classes

Enhance the Relationship between You and Your Dog

The holidays are hectic.  There are family gatherings, big events, holiday parties and endless moments to share with the entire family.  I do not recommend adopting a dog during this time. It is a tough time to make a dog feel at ease.  A dog needs structure and a regular schedule.  It is nearly impossible to meet these basic requirements when your own schedule is unbalanced for the duration of the holiday season.  However, I do recognize that some people choose to adopt during this time despite expert advice against it.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind on why dog training is important to building a positive relationship between you and your new pet, and what each training session means.

What is Puppy Preschool?

Puppy preschool is a class designed to teach socialization skills.  It uses confidence- building exercises to ensure your puppy is comfortable meeting other dogs and playing with them.  It also covers basic house manners.  This varies from how to walk on a leash without tugging to discouraging biting.  Additionally, the class teaches puppies the “leave it” command.   This is a great time to start building that incredible, loving, strong relationship between you and your new puppy.  It is the foundation of what is to come.

Who is Suitable for K9 Obedience classes?

A six week K9 obedience course covers a wide array of topics, including how to greet guests politely, the “come” command, “lie down”, and how to walk on a loose leash.  It is open to dogs of all ages.  The only requirement is to be positive throughout the experience.  The more you interact with your new dog, the greater the relationship becomes.  These classes are just as much for you as it is for your pup.

To find out more about how dog training enhances the relationship between dog and dog owner, talk to a Florida dog training expert today!

Top 2 Essential Dog Training Tips

New Year’s Resolution: Commit to being a Better Dog Owner in 2011

Ringing in the New Year brings forth new, positive commitments in your life.  You are going to eat right, exercise and build a stronger bond between you and your dog.  But how do you begin to improve your relationship with your pet?  It is already solid.  There are ways to enhance quality time with your dog and it is through dog training.  Here are the top three essential dog training tips ensuring training time is a positive experience for the two of you to share.

Remain Patient

Becoming angry at a dog does not compute.  Dogs do not understand why you are reacting in a negative manner.  Ditch any type of training that involves yelling or being aggressive with your pet.  It is not healthy for either of you to be in this situation.  Instead, focus on the rewards and desirable behavior your dog exhibits while ignoring the negative.  Your dog will eventually learn the positive behavior.  For positive behavior means affection, attention, treats and play time.  It leaves the negative actions to the past.

Stay Positive

This coincides with maintaining patience with your dog.  If you become frustrated, then the emotions will disrupt the training process.  If this happens, take a break.  Step away from training and return when you are able to gain a positive outlook on the training session.   This is a time to bond with your dog in an uplifting environment.

To find out more, talk to a Florida dog training or a k9 obedience instructor today!

How to Holiday Travel with a Puppy

Traveling with a puppy for the holidays is different from traveling with an adult dog.  Florida dog training experts point out how adult dogs are calmer and relaxed under a wide array of scenarios.  If a party is going on, then an adult dog may be accustomed to the noise, people, food and drinks associated with the event.  To a puppy, it is all fresh.  A puppy needs positive reinforcement on how to behave during these circumstances.  Here is a guideline on how to prepare you, and your puppy for upcoming Christmas and New Year’s festivities.

Wear the Puppy Out Before You Arrive

This is a no-brainer.  Puppies have tons of energy.  Exercise your puppy before arriving at your destination.  Do not assume the homeowners will entertain and tire the puppy out for you.  It is common courtesy to arrive with your puppy prepared to rest.

Watch Out for Safety Hazards

When arriving at your holiday destination, take a look around the venue or house.  Watch out for anything the puppy could get into.  If there are Christmas lights hung too low, then ask if it is okay to raise it to a higher location.  If there are chocolates lying about, find out if you may move it out of your puppy’s reach.  Review the place just as if you were at home.  Make sure there is nothing puppy accessible, which may cause harm.

Stay safe while traveling with your precious pet for the holidays.  Be considerate of those you shall visit.

If you need more guidance, talk to puppy kindergarten instructors today.  They will provide tips on the best way to handle traveling situations.

Happy Holidays!

How to be a Holiday Pet Sitter

florida-dog-training-become-holiday-pet-sitter-tipsWe have talked about what to look for in a pet sitter in prior blogs, but we have never discussed what it takes to be a pet sitter.  If you are looking for extra holiday cash and you love pets, then being a pet sitter is the way to go.  It is in big demand during this time of the year.  Here are some tips on how to become an effective and successful pet sitter.

What Type of Dog Training is Necessary?

It is necessary to understand positive reinforcement training.  It helps you interact in an upbeat manner using a system of rewards and basic commands.  It keeps the dogs calm and following directions while still having a good time.  This will help you become a popular, successful and in-demand holiday pet sitter.

List of Materials Needed for Success

The first thing you need is a customized emergency packet for different occasions.  For instance, in the car you transport pets, drive them to dog parks, and take them for walks after a nice drive in the car.  So keep in the car things to cater to this situation.  Pack a first aid kit, extra leashes, collars, pet food, water bowl and a clean-up pet spray in case accidents happen in your vehicle.

At home, keep a packet filled with necessities.  To add value to your services, take a pet CPR class.  It will instill confidence in yourself, and the pet owners.  They will feel comfortable leaving their loving pets in your hands.

The expenses spent to establish a pet sitting business is minimal.  It is a matter of becoming comfortable with pet training.  Talk to one our Florida dog training or k9 obedience experts today.  Find out what skills are required to become a prominent pet sitter in your area.

An Inside Look at Types of Dog Training

Throughout my Florida dog training career, I have seen a wide array of dog training requests.  There is everything from show dogs, basic training and more.  Here is a brief overview of the two most popular canine training wishes.

Basic K9 Obedience

Whether you adopted an adult dog or a puppy, there are basic forms of training to review with your pet.  This is essential to creating a happy, healthy and loving home for the entire household.  It eliminates any bad habits from developing ensuring peace in the house remains for all household members.  It is also a chance to build a strong bond between you and your dog.  It encourages play through interaction, while learning a new command.  It is a positive experience for both parties, as long as positive reinforcement is utilized during these activities.  Examples of the basic principles covered are “sit” and “stay.”  These are two commands that are the foundation for the rest of your dog’s life.  It comes in handy when going for a walk, answering the door, and encountering other animals and humans.

Hollywood Dog Training

Do you think your dog has what it takes to be in commercials or movies?  This type of training includes basic canine obedience, but adds distinct elements to the training.  For instance, your dog needs to ignore external factors found on a commercial or movie set.  There are bright lights shining, crewmembers walking around, and loud noises coming from moving sets or equipment.  Your dog learns how to overlook these elements to deliver a given task or direction successfully.

To find out more about Florida dog training and what there is to offer your dog, talk to one of instructors today!

How to Train a Therapy Dog

Walking into a hospital with a therapy dog instantly brings joy to patients.  It lifts their spirits, makes patients forget about hardships, and places focus on the interaction with an animal.  But how do you train your canine to be a therapy dog?  There are organizations specifically designed to manage this type of training.  Here is an overview of what to expect in therapy dog training.

What does Therapy Dog Training Cover?

Therapy dog training varies depending on your location.  Each state has its own set of rules.  However, the first step is the same across the board; your dog needs to be certified as a canine good citizen.

This requires your dog to go through training that concentrates on how to ignore distractions.  In a hospital or nursing home, there are medical machines, noises, alarms, and paging systems.  All of these factors can cause distractions.  Your dog learns how to overlook these factors, and disregard these circumstantial elements.

How do Classes Help Shape Your Dog?

The classes engage in activities encountered while on the job.  This prepares the dog to the various situations present when working.  The idea is the dog becomes comfortable with wires, hospital equipment running, IVs, people and more.  Therefore, when the time comes to go to work, the dog remains calm, and carries out his job successfully.

To find out more information about what does it take to be a therapy dog, talk to a Florida dog training or a k9 obedience instructor today!

How to Prep Your Dog for Holiday Parties

It is time for your infamous annual holiday party.  People arrive throughout the evening.  Food is set on the tables.  Movement flows throughout the house.  There is music, people, and food.  All contributing factors to why your party is a huge success.  However, this year there is a new addition to your home.  You adopted a dog.

What are you going to do with your dog during this vibrant experience?  You cannot allow the dog to move about freely when there are chocolate desserts and other harmful food items laying about.  What if pieces of chocolate accidentally fall without notice and your dog eats it off the ground?  The best thing to do is keep your dog happy and out of sight during this time.  Here are some tips on how to achieve this goal.

Practice Makes Perfect

The first step is to practice ringing the doorbell with your dog inside.  Get your dog familiar with the sound of having numerous people walk inside the house while others are mingling, leaving and entering.  One way to do this is enlist the help of neighbors, co-workers and other people your dog may not see frequently.

When someone rings the doorbell, practice the “stay” command with your dog.  Use the room designated to your dog to “stay” in during the night of the party.  Equip it with chew toys, puzzle toys and Kong.  Make your dog comfortable to sitting there alone while people ring the doorbell and walk about the home.  By the night of your party, your dog will be familiar with the routine.  The anxiety and excitement your dog may feel would not occur.  The dog would remain peaceful and happy in the play area situated away from your party guests.

To find out more tips on how to prepare your dog for the holidays, talk to a Florida dog training professional or a k9 obedience instructor today!