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The Secret to Taking Care of a Dog

There are many advantages to owning a pet, including living a fulfilled life.  You receive unconditional love from this affectionate, loyal and committed canine.  You learn to respect other living animals solely from taking care of your own.  And your pet is there to get you out of bed, go for walks, play and socialize.  But you need to make sure you are doing the same for your pet.  Your dog deserves it!  The best thing you can do for your dog is to follow these dog care tips to ensure you providing your dog with the most loving environment.

First thing is make sure you have proper identification on your dog’s tags.  You need to have relevant contact information to ensure if something happens, your dog can be returned.

The other aspect of this is you need to follow local laws for keeping your dog on a leash.  This will keep your dog safe from other animals, wildlife, and moving vehicles.  Do not take this lightly.  You want to keep your dog from being harmed, and this is the best way.

Do your part and cut down on medical issues by having your dog spayed or neutered.  You will be helping the overpopulated dog population by preventing other dogs from being left abandon in the area.  Many local clinics offer this service for free or at a very low cost.  Just ask around and you shall find one in your area.

There are many other aspects to building a strong, loving, healthy dog.  To find out, more talk to a Florida dog training or a k9 obedience instructor today.

De-Skunk Your Dog

If you have been on outdoor excursions with your dog, then there is a chance your dog could get sprayed by a skunk.  Do you know how to get that skunk odor remover out without using the old wives tale involving tomato juice?  What a mess that is!  Instead, follow these tips on ways to rid the skunk smell, before your dog stinks up the entire house.

The first step is to check your canine’s eyes.  Sometimes the skunk spray may affect the eyes.  If they look irritated or red, rinse them out thoroughly.  Once you have done that then it is time to start making the mix that will get rid of that awful stench.

Mix together one-quarter cup of baking soda, one teaspoon of liquid dish washing soap and one quart of three percent hydrogen peroxide.  While wearing rubber gloves, start washing your dog with this immediately.  Be sure to be careful that you do not get any of this in your dog’s eyes.  If these are products you do not wish to use, then you may use water diluted vinegar.  It works well too!

Once the initial rub into the fur is complete, rinse this concoction out.  Make sure you get all the fur and rinse it out thoroughly.  You do not want any traces of the smell or this mixture left behind.

Once this happens, rinse your dog with your regular dog shampoo and voila.  The skunk smell should be gone.

For more tips about what to do if your dog tangled with skunk spray, talk to a Florida dog training or a k9 obedience instructor today.

How to Stop Howling

Howling is a communication tool used by some dogs.  It is sometimes used as a warning sign to alert others about a dangerous presence in the area.  But there are other dogs that use howling as a means of desperation.  It can be a sign of separation anxiety or a means to inform of pain from an injury.  But what do you do with a dog that howls too much?  How do you get your dog to stop?  A Florida dog obedience instructor would be able to guide you through on the positive reinforcement techniques discussed in today’s blog.  In the meantime, use this as a guide to get you started in the right direction.

Stop Howling with Positive Reinforcement

If your dog howls as a means to seek attention, then use positive reinforcement to reward desired behavior and ignore the negative.  For instance, whenever your dog howls, ignore your pet.  This is tough for your dog could continue to howl.  However, as soon as your dog stops howling and is silent, reward your dog with pet treats and praise.  Keep repeating this technique until your dog starts to remain silent.  Your dog will catch on that remaining silent equals positive rewards.  It won’t take long for your dog to figure this out.

The key in stopping howling is to remain consistent in implementing positive reinforcement.  To find out more about how to stop your dog from howling, enroll in a k9 obedience class today.

How to Feed Your Puppy-Part #2

In yesterday’s blog, we talked about the dos and don’ts of how to feed a puppy.  Today we shall continue that discussion and give you further tips to provide your puppy with a strong foundation to grow up and be a healthy adult dog.

When puppies reach three or four weeks old, they start to eat puppy food.  And the first time they see it, do not be surprised if they solely play around with it.  Puppies are not used to getting their food in such a manner.  Do not fret.  It does not take long for a puppy to understand the food is there to eat not to play around with.  Just allow your puppy time to figure it out.  Keep in mind, by the time a puppy reaches around eight weeks old, then dry puppy food should be eaten on a regular basis.

For medium, large and giant breed puppies, the food should be administered in a portion control technique.  It helps keep a puppy’s weight at a healthy number.  For if puppies develop too quickly then there are issues with growth spurts.  Too many calories taken cause a puppy to grow too quickly and develop bone growth issues.  However, if you notice any issues with your puppy be sure to consult with a veterinarian.

To find out more about how, when and what to feed your puppy and other puppy care tips, enroll in a puppy kindergarten or puppy preschool class today.  Florida dog training experts are here to help.

How to Feed Your Puppy

Puppies born into a new home is an exciting time for everyone involved.  The entire household gets to watch the puppies develop and grow.  But to make sure you start your puppy off on the right paw, there are a few rules experts agree upon across the board in regards to feeding your new puppy.  Here is a basic outline providing you with a guideline on puppy feeding rules.

When puppy newborns arrive, it is important to keep the puppy with the mom.  The puppy, for the first four weeks, receives complete nutrition from a mother’s milk.  Thus, you want to keep the two together until the puppy has passed this stage.  And do not make any food substitutions for the mother’s milk.  It is a necessity for the puppy to grow up strong and healthy.  It is the foundation of the puppy’s entire life.

Next thing to pay attention to is that puppies expand much energy.  It takes a lot for the little one to move around.  So you need to feed your puppy lots of protein for this is what allows your puppy to have the energy to move about in a fit manner.  You need to check with a Florida dog obedience professional regarding the requirement for specific breeds, but for the most part, you need to feed your puppy food that contains twenty-five to thirty percent protein.

These are basic feeding tips for your puppy.  To find out more enroll in a puppy preschool or puppy kindergarten class today.

Dog Exercise Tips #1

Do Not Over Exercise Your Dog

There are different dogs that need various amounts of exercise.  But one problem, believe it or not, is over exercising your puppies and certain breeds.  You need to be careful when deciding to take your dog on your next run.  Here are some tips to remember ensuring your pet stays healthy without overdoing it.

Exhaustion Causes Dog Injuries

It is possible for your dog to be harmed during over exercise.  For when you exercise your dog, the dog’s body automatically becomes heated.  The danger occurs when the heat-stress becomes too much.  Your dog could become over-heated internally.  It happens.  When this occurs, it could cause internal organ damage.  It is fatal to your dog.  So if it is warm outside, hold back a bit on the outdoor running.  And always keep plenty of water ensuring your dog stays hydrated.

Start Canine Exercise Slowly

If your dog is starting a new exercise routine, start gradually.   Go a little bit further with each walk, but do not go all out at once.  This could cause hip issues with your dog.  And dogs tend not to show the injuries for they believe if they stop, the fun interaction will come to halt.  Thus, dogs tend to continue even if in pain.  Therefore, take it easy.  Pay attention to how your dog acts and moves.  And do not do too much.

For more information about how much exercise is appropriate, talk to a Florida dog training or k9 obedience professional today.

Why Positive Reinforcement Works!

When you implement Florida dog training, it is easy to see how the lessons work.  For after time, your dog follows commands making the results visible.  Nevertheless, have you ever wondered why positive reinforcement works?  Here we take a closer look at this specific method of dog training.

Pay-Offs Do Work

By going to work every day, you earn wages.  It does not matter how little or large there is still some sort of financial acknowledgement for the labor you have completed.  Now, if you take this model and use it towards dog training it is the same.

For instance, you teach your dog to sit.  Whenever your dog sits, your pet receives a treat.  However, if your dog does not sit on command, then your pet is ignored.  Therefore, the pet starts to realize sitting on command means treat.  Thus, I am going to sit on command.  The pay-off is the treat, and the pay-off for you as a dog owner is a desirably behaved dog.  It is a win-win situation.

Positive reinforcement is an effective and fun way to teach your dog wanted behavior.  And what you are doing is laying the foundation for your dog’s development.

For more information about how to teach your dog commands through using a rewards system, talk to a k9 obedience instructor today.  He/she will be able to review with you the dos and don’ts ensuring you are executing the method correctly.

Why Dog Training is Important

There are many reasons why dog training is important, but I would like to share with you a personal story about why dog training is essential to keeping your dog safe, happy, and healthy.

I rescued an abandon dog that I repeatedly saw at the local park.  Finally, one day I decided to bring it food and over time, the dog would come to me during my daily exercise walks at the park.  The dog seemed receptive to tagging along, so I decided to bring the dog home to have as her pet.  The dog went home with ease, but I quickly realized how destructive a dog could be without any dog training experience.

My new dog was not familiar with following rules, respecting home belongings, and steering away from specific objects.  My loving companion would tear up the furniture, clothes, whatever he could get his paws on.

Socialization is Key to Healthy Dog Living!

And my pet was very loyal and loving towards me, but it became apparent that he was not socialized.  This is where the immediate danger occurs.  He was not friendly from the beginning towards other dogs or people.  He did not know how to behave on walks through the neighborhood.  Thus, whenever faced with another animal, my pet would act in an aggressive manner.  This would cause other dogs to switch to combat mode.  It was going to be a huge problem if I did not nip this in the bud immediately.

Luckily, no dog was seriously injured from the aggressive interactions.  And now my pet is charming, loving and displays positive behavior due to enrolling in Florida dog training or k9 obedience classes.  I believe training courses saved my dog’s life for otherwise; he would be in a dogfight resulting in fatal consequences.

If you would like your pet to live a safe, healthy, and happy life then enroll is a dog training course today!

How to Help a Fearful Dog

Some dogs are fearful of certain spaces.  It may be associated with something negative that occurred to your dog in the past.  Alternatively, be aware that some dogs do act afraid for no apparent reason at all.  No matter what the scenario is with your pet, as a responsible pet owner you need to be mindful of this and help your dog overcome the problem.  Here are some tips on how to do this.

Do Not Punish

When dogs are truly fearful it is sometimes exhibited in aggression.  For the stress is too much for a dog to handle the situation.  But the important thing to remember is do not punish your dog for acting in such a manner.

Stay Calm

If your dog becomes scared, but it is a necessity to visit the area of fear, like the veterinarian’s office, then remain steady and calm.  Do not make any quick movements.  Keep your voice in a relaxed state.  The next step is to desensitize your dog to the area.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Desensitization takes patience on your part.  So be prepared to do this slowly.  First, take your dog to the feared area.  Then show your dog that this place conjures up positive interaction via using treats and your dog’s favorite toy.  Play with your dog in this space.  Your dog might take a while to inch towards where you are located, but once your dog associates the positive interaction with this space, then the dog will no longer be afraid of the locale.

For more information on how to handle this situation properly and with care, talk to a Florida dog obedience or Florida dog training professional today.

Essential Dog Grooming Needs

Adding a dog into your home is a joyous occasion.  But there are essentials needed to maintain your canine’s health besides Florida puppy kindergarten and Florida dog obedience classes.  Here is a brief overview of these items.

The Fur Needs Attention

Research the type of care your dog’s coat needs for each breed is slightly different.  However, there are basic tools you need across the board.  For instance, normally a brush or comb is suitable to eliminate knots and keep your pet’s coat polished and untwisted.  In addition, look at a shampoo and conditioner for your dog’s fur and skin.  Find one that is adequate for your dog’s breed.

Pest Prevention

Another aspect of keeping your dog healthy is to provide the right flea and tick prevention measures.  There are sprays, powders, shampoos, and medications that help keep these unwanted pests away.  But if a problem does arise, take your dog to the veterinarian.

Do Not Forget to Clean the Ears

Dog’s ears are one of the most common areas on a dog that becomes infected.  And this is something you need to avoid at all costs.  The best way to do this is to include cleaning the dog’s ears as part of regular bath time.  Furthermore, there are ear wipes, drops and other ear dog products that would be good to keep on-hand if need-be.

To find out more about what you need to take care of your canine properly, talk to a Florida dog obedience instructor today.