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Top Reasons Why People Love Their Dogs

Dogs can be expensive.  There are food, health, grooming and k9 obedience training costs.  But the rewards of owning a dog outweighs any monetary expense accumulated.  If you are debating on whether getting a dog is the right choice for you, check out our list of the top two widespread reasons dog owners cannot imagine life without their dogs.

Dogs Provide Companionship

If you survey dog owners across the board, companionship will be the number one universal reason why people love their dogs.  Depending on the breed, a dog could be your running, walking or hiking partner.  Your dog is present when you come home from work every day providing you with lots of excitement and joy.  You have playtime set aside dedicated to your dog.  Your dog is always there to provide unconditional love without having to say a word.  It is companionship at its best.  It is the reason why a dog is a man’s best friend.

Dogs Elevate Moods

When you are in a funk, it is difficult to snap out of it.  However, a dog’s presence automatically helps ease you out of the tough times.  For instance, my friend has a dog, and when my friend is in a sad state, the dog is able to sense it.  The dog will tug at the covers in the morning ensuring she gets up out of bed and starts her day off the right foot.  And it works!  It does not matter if my friend swore the night before that she is never leaving her bedroom for the next eight days.  Her dog knows when she is in the dumps, and pulls her out of it.

A dog brings joy to our lives.  A dog is able to lift our spirits and provide an abundance of positive emotions our way.  To find out more about how to sustain your dog’s health, grooming and training talk to a Florida dog obedience training professional today.

How to Provide a Healthy Home for Your Pup

When adding a puppy to your home there are a few things you need to keep in mind.  Here is a basic outline of essential tasks needed to provide your dog with a vigorous, happy life.

Implement Training and Socializing Skills

There is nothing more wonderful than bringing home a new puppy.  The puppy is excited and ready to love on every member of the household.  But with a new environment comes fresh ground rules for the pup.  For instance, you do not want your pup to think it is acceptable to chew on anything lying around the house.  Train your pup to use chew toys only.  In addition, if there are other animals in the house, it is wise to introduce the dog through socialization and training skills.

Also, if you are adding an adult dog to the home, then find a dog training class that teaches how to introduce your dog into a his/her new settings with positive reinforcement.  You want the transition to be enjoyable for all parties involved and socialization and training is the way to go.

Choose Nutritious Dog Food

Most dog professionals agree the first five ingredients in dog food are telling regarding the nutritional factor.  Within the first five ingredients, be sure two of them are high quality protein resources.   It will aid your dog into receiving a well-balanced diet.

Exercise Your Dog

Besides eating right, your dog needs to engage in exercise.  Provide your dog with ample playtime and physical activity.  Dogs are susceptible to many health issues caused by obesity.  Keep your dog active.  It is part of supplying your pup with a fit, stable, caring home.

Dogs need food, shelter and appropriate positive training.  These are the main factors to building a constructive, loving home for your pup.  If you are unsure on where or how to start, talk to a Florida dog obedience training professional or a k9 obedience instructor today.

Dogs Suffer from Allergies Too!

When humans suffer from allergies our eyes water, breathing becomes asthmatic, our nose sniffles, and we sneeze exhibiting clear symptoms of allergies.  For dogs, you need to pay close attention to their skin.  Check their fur for skin irritation spots.  Take note if your dog scratches too much or is constantly trying to bite, lick or gnaw at a certain location on their skin.  Dogs suffer from allergies but it occurs as a skin irritant.

Investigate Dog Allergy Causes

You need to make sure you have not changed your dog’s shampoo or bedding area.  Have you added different material sheets or pillow covers to your pup’s sleeping quarters?  Have you switched dog shampoo brands?  Check out all the areas where your dog spends frequent amount of time and you will be able to find out the cause of the culprit.

If the cause is from nature, such as pollen, dust mites, or mildew, then you need to take appropriate measures to fix the issue.  Remove any carpeting that may be breeding mold or mildew.  Clean the house regularly ensuring dust mites do not build-up.  You do not want the allergies to get worse for it could cause your pup an ear infection if not treated properly.

Talk to a Vet

Talk to a veterinarian about how to treat your dog allergies.  Your vet may recommend a steroidal treatment or an at-home treatment consisting of hypoallergenic shampoos, conditioners and/or ointments.

If you still have questions about how to train your pup not to enter certain points of the yard due to allergic reaction to plants growing in that specific area, then talk to a Florida dog training obedience professional or a k9 obedience professional today.

An Inside Look at Dog Leashes: Part 2

Dog leashes vary depending on your dog’s behavior, breed and size.  Some people prefer masculine looking dog leashes, such as chains, with large breed dogs ensuring it stays intact when a strong dog pulls.  A chain leash may also help control a strong dog, but the best way to ensure your dog stays under control is through a Florida dog obedience training class.  In the meantime, check out this breakdown of three more dog leash styles available to you.

Bungee Leashes

The idea of a bungee leash is great for a dog that pulls on the chain and needs to be pulled back.  It is stretchy and soft minimizing injury to your pup’s neck.  It is standard for a dog that needs extra help remaining under control.

Slip Lead Leashes

A slip lead is designed to provide the ability to walk your dog without a collar.  It just slips right around your dog’s neck as suggested by the name of the leash.  The slip lead has a metal ring on the end of it.  You pass the handle part of the leash through the metal ring creating a loop.  The loop goes right over your dog’s head.

Long Line Leashes

A long line leash is as the description implies.  It is a very long leash created to help train your dog in long distance areas, such as your backyard.  It helps keep your dog from running away while learning the “come” command.  It also provides much distance providing your dog freedom.  Thus, once training is completed, the dog will “come” to you from various distances without hesitation.  The length of a long line leash is anywhere from ten to sixty feet.

Leashes are as individual as your pup.  Find a leash suitable for your dog.  If you need additional assistance, talk to a k9 obedience training professional today.

An Inside Look at Dog Leashes: Part 1

Who knew there were so many leashes to choose from?  There are basic, retractable, bungee, long line, and slip lead style leashes.  But what is the difference?  How do you know which leash is most suitable for your pup?  Let’s take a quick look at retractable leashes and why it may or may not be the best choice for your dog.

Pros and Cons of a Retractable Dog Leash

Some dog owners prefer retractable dog leashes.  It provides your dog with much freedom.   For when your dog wanders, the cord automatically extends.  It gives your dog the ability to check out his/her settings without difficulty.  In addition, you may control how far the leash may be extended with a push of the button.  It sounds great but it depends on your pup.

A retractable leash is not good for an untrained dog.  If your pup is not yet used to coming when called to or under control amongst other animals and people, then this leash is not right for you.  The cord could snap and a strong dog could take off without any constraints.  In addition, another dog may view the retractable leash as an aggressive dog coming straight on.  For the retractable leash puts your dog in an aggressive physical posture sending out the wrong message to other dogs passing by.

To find out more information about what leash is suitable for your dog, talk to a Florida dog obedience training or k9 obedience professional today.

Choosing the Right Male Dog Name

After adopting your new pup the next step is to name your dog.  Take into consideration the breed, traits, and color of your pup.  Think about what suits your dog best.  If you are about to adopt a dog and wish to consult with someone regarding popular names talk to a Florida dog obedience professional.  He/she handles numerous dogs a day, and with this gained experience, a dog-training expert will be able to supply you with a plethora of male dog names.  In the meantime, here is a list to help spark the perfect name for your pup.

Most Common Male Dog Names

If your dog is a large breed, then names featuring superheroes, historical and/or mythological figures come into play.  For instance, Zeus, Hercules, and Genghis are great names for large breed dogs.  Other popular masculine names include Buddy, Jake, Rocky and Buster.

If you are looking for less traditional names, then think about naming the dog after your favorite website or electronics, such as Apple, Amazon or EBay.  If you prefer a kid-friendly name, children love to call dogs Bingo, Milo and Gruff.  These names all relate to something children associate with famous dogs from childhood stories, commercials and songs.

There are many different directions to go with naming your dog.   Ask the entire household to participate in naming him.  Consider the pup’s attributes before choosing.  Decide democratically and vote for the house favorite.

The pup is part of your family.  Thus, provide him with a great name to go with his new role.

For information on how to train your adopted dog, see a k9 obedience training class today.

How to Help Your New Puppy Sleep

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting, yet, anxious moment for you and the pup.  It may be the first time your puppy is away from the litter and his mom.  So create a healthy, happy, and calm sleeping area for your puppy.  Puppy preschool instructors are able to guide you with insight on how to attain this type of atmosphere.  A professional will be able to provide specific advice. In the meantime, here are a few tips to help direct you down the right path.

Tire Your Puppy Out with Play

A puppy needs lots of playtime and sleep.  Thus, before it is time to put your puppy down to sleep for the night exhaust your puppy out with play.  You want the puppy to go to sleep naturally.  You do not want to force your puppy to lie down when not ready.  Any excitable energy remaining from the day will create an anxious moment.  Thus, continue playing until it is time to go to sleep.  In addition, be sure to take your pup outside to use the bathroom.  Take care of all the necessities before bedtime.

Put the Puppy Sleeping Area in Same Room

For the first few nights, it is a wise idea to keep your pup in the same room as one of the family members.  You do not want your pup to feel isolated and away from the rest of the family.  A dog needs to feel like part of a pack.

There are many other tricks on how to ease your pup into his new home.  Talk to a Florida dog training professional today.  He/she will be able to provide you with further techniques to assist in helping your puppy sleep restfully at night.

3 Money Saving Vet Bill Tips

Visiting the veterinarian is expensive.  There is no way around it.  When your pet needs treatment you can’t do anything but pay for the medical bills.  Thus, how do you keep your vet bills down to a minimum throughout the year?  Here are a few tips ensuring you keep the bills as low as possible.

Spay or Neuter Your Pet

By implementing these two procedures, you save money in the end.  For there are many health issues specifically affecting reproductive organs, such as testicular and ovarian cancer.  Hence, by taking your dog to get spayed or neutered you are preventing these complications from arising in the future.  There are many local shelters offering this procedure at low or no cost.  It is worth it.  It maintains your dog’s long-term health and happiness

Stop Smoking

Smoking does affect everyone living under the same roof, including your pup.  It causes your dog to develop asthma, bronchitis and nasal cancer to name a few.  It is a terrible thing to force your dog to be susceptible to, therefore, just quit.  You will be saving money on vet bills by stopping this habit immediately.

Do Not Skip Out on Vet Visits

Taking your pup to the veterinarian on a regular basis keeps away expensive treatments and illnesses that may pop up without detection.  The idea is to practice preventive medicine rather than wait for something tragic to occur.  It will not ward off everything, but every little bit helps.

If you have any questions, talk to a Florida obedience training professional.  He/she will be able to provide more money saving tips and vet advice.  If you need additional assistance, talk to a k9 obedience trainer about puppy preschool classes today.

Teach Your Dog to Relax

Ask any Florida dog obedience training professional, and he/she will state that dogs need to be active.  It is part of their natural make-up.  But what if you already present plenty of play and your dog still has difficulty calming down?  Here are a few techniques to implement teaching your dog to relax.

Ignore Unwanted Behavior

If you wish to relax, and have your dog remain calm during specific moments, then do not acknowledge your pup jumping on you or others in the room at the time.  Ignore it.  If you respond, your dog may interpret that as play interaction.  On the other hand, if your dog is laying down or sitting still, then reach down and pet your pup.  Pay attention.  If your pup starts to get rambunctious from you petting, then stop.  Repeat this until your pup learns to remain tranquil.  Eventually, the repetition of acknowledging the wanted behavior computes with your dog.  Your pup will make the correlation and learn if he remains calm, then attention is given.

Engage in Repetition

Once your dog understands the behavior you crave, provide your dog with treats during relaxation.  Some k9 obedience dog training professionals suggest offering a piece of cheese, chicken or doggie treats every 10 seconds, as long as your pup is laying down calmly.  Once your pup gets into the habit, widen the gap of time in-between treats.  After a while of applying this technique, your dog shall initiate the calming state without any prompting from you.

Dogs are able to learn calming behaviors.  Thus, do not underestimate the possibilities.  Talk to a Florida dog training center and find out the different tools available allowing you to bond with your pup in a positive, loving, healthy manner.

Children and Dogs Live Happily Ever After

The idea of children and dogs living together does not bring forth the idea of a harmonious home.  But if you talk to a Florida dog training professional, he/she will inform you that it is possible.  It is does not come about naturally, but with proper socialization taught to the pup and the child, then the two are able to live under the same roof without any biting or negative incident occurring.

Teach Your Child about Dogs

If your child is a toddler or younger, then it is advised to supervise interaction between the two.  Once the child reaches beyond toddler age, then it is essential to teach your child the basics about dog care.

For instance, teach your child not to touch the dog during feeding time.  A dog is instinctively aggressive while eating.  Thus, if a child, teenager or young adult approaches the dog during these times, then the dog will nip, bite and act in an aggressive manner.

In addition, teach your child not to attempt to separate two fighting dogs.  Educate your kid to ask an adult or someone else to break-up the situation.   There are many incidents reported annually where young adults are injured due to this exact scenario.  Thus, it is important subject matter to address with your children.

Break Bad Habits Immediately

Little kids exhibit specific bad habits when around dogs.  One display of common, negative behavior is children tend to pull on a pup’s ears.  Teach your child that it is not appropriate and stop it immediately.  A negative behavior acted upon between a child and a dog needs to be broken as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about how to introduce a dog to a new baby in a home talk to a k9 obedience professional today.