Best Dog Training to Housebreak your dog

What’s the trick to successfully house training your dog? Let her go by her own instincts and do it her way.

House Training the Natural Way

Dogs are really clean creatures. They don’t want to get themselves, or their eating and sleeping areas messed up any more than you do. They are also creatures of habit. If they get used to going in the grass, they don’t really want to go on the driveway. Just use these natural tendencies and you’ll have much better success at training your pet.

Insure Success With The Best Dog Training in Sarasota

Determine the Living Area
Start off by giving your dog a very special place for sleeping. It can be anything from a box to a crate to a big towel. At first, she my not be able to help herself and eliminate on her bed. But once she gets it, and realizes this is where she will have to sleep, she will do everything she can to avoid that special place. Once your pet gets used to the fact that that’s her bed, you can take her bed with you wherever you go around the hose. Then just lease her to that spot by closing her in, or tying her with a leash, depending on the type of bed, so she can’t leave it. You may even want to tie her to yourself so that she has to accompany you wherever you go.

Set Up the Toilet Area

Next is where she will go potty. It could be a special place in the yard, or whenever you take her for a walk. Be sure you’re close to this spot whenever she is ready to go. And be sure you’re with her every time she needs to go until she has formed the habit. Just remember that if she goes somewhere else, that other spot is going to become her habitual spot. So, there’s a trick to all of this. Just to make it easier on you and your dog, feed her on a regular schedule. Whatever goes in one end on a regular schedule will come out the other end on a regular schedule. So if you know when she is scheduled to go potty, you simply take her to her spot on that schedule. Typically you can plan on normal healthy dogs having to eliminate every eight hours. Be sure not to put her in an area without access to her toilet area for very long. If she can’t hold on, she will soil her bed, herself or her den and this could become a habit. This would just extend the time for housetraining.

House Training: Making it Complete

After your dog starts using her toilet area regularly without mishaps in her den, you can then expand her den to the whole house. Start out with just one room at a time. But don’t let her roam unless you are absolutely certain that her bowels are empty. As long as you are around, you can let her sleep, eat and run to her heart’s content. But when you can’t be there, you must put her back in her bed or her den. When she is comfortable with this room, move on to the next.

Get Natural House Training done quicker

As long as you follow this schedule, you’ll have a housebroken dog in no time. If you want to speed up the process, simply reward her every time she uses her toilet area. Also, be sure you don’t reprimand her because it will just slow down the process.

House Training issues

* If she continues to make mistakes, you’ll need to take her to the toilet area more often, or not give her as much free reign.

* Still soiling her bed? She’s probably there too long and just couldn’t hold it, or she hasn’t figured out yet that this is her bed. Medical issues and urinary tract infections can sometime cause dogs to “wet their bed” while sleeping.

* Occasionally, dogs will simply drink too much water. If that’s your dog, give her less water, take her to her toilet more often or give her more to do so she isn’t bored.

* If the den isn’t made to feel like a fun place, she may feel imprisoned there and may exhibit barking, chewing, anxiety and whining, etc.  Just be sure her den is a fun place to be.

* If accidents continue to happen, you’ll need to take her to the vet to check out any medical conditions.

* Be sure your dog gets a good diet of dry food. Not table scraps, or different brands. If you do have to change a brand, mix the two gradually to blend in the new brand.

Accidents Do Happen

If you find an accident, don’t punish your pet. Just clean it up. If you punish the dog, they will only think you are mad at them. It doesn’t tell them anything about why you are punishing them. Having an accident only means that you have let her into the house too soon. So don’t give her access to the house until you can trust her. Until the accidents stop, it’s back to crate training. You need to do a better job of estimating her needs and she needs more time to get her bladder and bowels under control.

Preparing For The Best Dog Day Care in Sarasota

You’re getting ready for your big vacation and the questions come up about what to do with Rover while you’re gone. You’ve decided to board him, but how do you prepare him and you for this stressful time? What do you need to gather before dropping him off? All these questions go through your mind. If you do this right, Rover will be just fine while you’re gone, and so will you. With a little preparation, this will go off without a hitch. You hope!

As soon as you know what your plans are, call the kennel to make your reservation. (You can always adjust it later.) If you don’t make a reservation, Rover may not have a place to stay, especially during holiday periods. Some require a credit card with the reservation. Be sure you know the cancellation policy. If this is your first time, ask if you can visit the facility. Then reserve a time. You’ll want to see how the other dogs react to the staff and to see what the place smells like. Invariably, a resident will “poop” when a visitor shows up, and that’s OK. But it shouldn’t be offensive or different from home. Discuss all charges and how payments are made. If Rover has any special issues, bring them up now. And be honest. If Rover is scared of men, women, storms or won’t potty on concrete, let the kennel know about it now so then can plan for it.

What to do before you board Rover

Before you leave for the kennel, be sure you’ve read over the Terms and Conditions, so you’ll know what to expect. You’ll need to have all of your vaccinations up to date, to include the dates he will be boarding.

If Rover gets sick before you leave, visit the vet and contact the kennel immediately after the visit to inform them of the results. If you don’t do this, some kennels won’t let Rover in. The kennel may also contact the vet to be sure he will be available during Rover’s stay, in case of emergency. In addition, you may be asked to pay an up-charge for any special needs that Rover requires during his stay.

If Rover needs medication while you’re gone, you may need to supply extra doses in case your return is delayed, especially if it’s for an on-going medical condition. Speaking of prevention, many people are seen driving with their pet’s head hanging out the window. This is dangerous. Why? The pet could be hit by a flying object and damage an eye, as just one example.

How to prepare for the best dog day care

Be sure to provide a collar that is two fingers tight. And be sure you can’t pull it over his head. If it comes off, it needs to be tighter. He should also have an identification tag attached firmly to the collar. Do not feed Rover before you drop him off, because there will be a meal waiting for him at the kennel. Bring all of Rover’s tags and familiar bedding/old shirts, socks, etc. with your scent on it. If you don’t have such a garment, simply take one of yours and rub it between your hands. Put this in his bed and he will get your scent and feel much more comfortable.

Things to do when you pick up Rover

When it’s time to pick up Rover, he is going to be super excited to see you. He may even be able to smell your scent before he sees you. Do not call Rover until the attendant brings him to you. And, under no circumstances should you open the gate until the attendant says it’s OK. This is important for the safety of you, the staff and the dogs.

After Rover has settled down a little, check him over real good to be sure he looks in good condition. Be sure to collect all of Rover’s personal effects and medication. If you get a customer survey, be sure to complete it within the time specified and return it to the kennel, so that the staff can be sure they are doing their job properly.

When you get home, Rover will probably be very thirsty. Give him plenty to drink. This has nothing to do with not receiving enough water during his stay. This could be caused by a surge of adrenaline, which will have the effect of drying his mouth. Let him drink up before you make a big deal over him.

Best advice is not to take Rover for a two-hour run as soon as you get home. Let him settle in first and get his bearings. He will probably want to sleep a lot at first. But within a few days, he’ll be back to his normal self. So don’t exercise him a lot at first and feed him a little less food for a couple of days. Before you know it. He’ll be chasing you around the house and down the street.

Professional Dog Training – Is It Really Important?

Dog training is an important aspect of owning a dog. It’s unfortunate that some people who own dogs fail to train them properly through the use of either inappropriate training techniques or the complete lack of training. A well trained dog makes an exceptional companion.

Why choose professional dog


Dog training helps in transforming the behavior of your dog by correcting the bad and making it learn to obey commands. Getting affordable dog training is not just a matter of fortune, rather,  dog training in Sarasota Florida  is needed to get your dog well trained. As much as one would prefer personal dog training, sometimes training your dog by yourself may prove more difficult than you had envisioned no matter how hard you try.

As a dog owner, one of the most difficult decisions to make is when and where to enroll your dog for professional dog training. It’s important to bear in mind that at K9 Korral srq, we do not only teach your dog how to perform tricks, but also socially acceptable behaviors and mannerisms. By enrolling your dog in our dog training classes, you will be doing yourself and your dog a favor! Our training provides your dog with good manners basics that every dog owner wishes for, from politely greeting visitors and strangers to obeying instructions when they are given.  Our professionals will offer you great advice that will benefit both you and your dog. Once we have your dog, our experts will be able to easily identify any behavioral problems that you may not have noticed immediately they interact with your dog.

We also provide training for puppies so that the new member in your household gets started on the right track. Our puppy training classes will offer new opportunities for your puppy to develop excellent interaction skills with people and new environments.  Professional dog training for your puppy helps them psychologically as they develop into mature dogs. Therefore, puppy classes are vital for the growth of an all round adult dog.

A well trained dog is a treasure for the family since he/she can always accompany you to visit friends, go for swims and most other family activities. Dog Training in Sarasota Florida allows you to choose what type of activities you would like your dog to participate in. Click here to check our range of activities that your canine can enjoy doing after you have enrolled them for our affordable dog training.  A well trained dog is such a delight for the entire family!

How do I choose a professional

dog trainer?

Dog Training in Sarasota Florida is quite unregulated and thus, anyone can advertise as a dog trainer. They may not have any special certifications to prove that they have any training from a canine training institution. Before you settle on any person claiming to be a professional dog trainer, you may request them to allow you to observe them while they are training other dogs.

Look out for the following things while you are there:

Do the dogs being trained look


Professional Dog Training should be a fun and exciting activity for both the dog and the trainer. Even the shyest dog should seem happy by wagging their tails during the training class.

What tools is the dog trainer


Some of the best tools we use in training dogs include toys, flat collars, leashes, harnesses and a lot of rewards.  Some tools that are a complete no-no include choke collars, flexi leads, electronic collars and prong collars.

The dog trainer should not use

any form of physical punishment

Professional dog training should never involve any form of hitting, jerking or kicking the dog. It should be as friendly as possible.

Is the place of training safe and


A good training ground should have gates and doors properly closed. The floors should also be clean for the health of your dog.

Dog training class ratio

Dog training classes should not be packed. A good class should have about 5 to 6 dogs.  This is to enable the trainer to focus on each dog individually. Dogs just like humans, thrive more when their needs are attended to at a personal level.

It’s important to ask the trainer whether they belong to any educational organization such as the CCPDT, IAABC and NADOI. Trainers who belong to such organizations are often great in their skills and knowledge wise. Additionally, a good trainer attends professional seminars that are offered by other experienced dog trainers.

A professional trainer will also want to ensure they are only taking in healthy dogs. They may request you to provide them with a health certificate of your dog before you begin on the actual training.

How much should I pay for

professional dog training?

With these tough economic times, everyone should consider the cost of their dog training. We offer affordable dog training packages for you and your dog. Our prices are competitive and we ensure your dog has learned all the necessary skills to make your lives better.

How to Easily Find the Right Dog Food in Sarasota

Vitamins, minerals, fatty acids-does your dog food contain all of the necessities?  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. WOW! We thought we had enough to worry about with our own food, much less for our pets. And the kicker is, these ingredients are all considered essential. And if they aren’t there, in the right amounts, well, Rover may not be feeling that well. So, will you ever be sure your dog’s food is meeting all of the standards?

The Secret to the best dog food in Sarasota

When you go into the store to buy Rover’s food, just how closely do you inspect his labels? Do you check every one for every ingredient that should be there, and in the correct quantity? Hey, we don’t even check that closely for our own food. So chances are you’re not doing your job for Rover either.

But there’s a solution. Dog food experts know the secret. And that secret is the National Adequacy Statement. Once you understand it and know where it is, this can be the shortcut to your dog’s health.

There’s a Way to Know if Your Dog’s Food Meets Nutritional Requirements

According to the industry, if a dog food can be eaten as the dog’s sole ration, then it is classified as nutritionally complete. What this means is, you can feed your dog this food, and nothing else except water, and it will be sufficient to sustain life. It goes on to say that a good balanced food has all the right nutrients in the right proportions and in the right amounts.

So, what do you think would happen if a dog food was sold as a complete and balanced food, when in reality, it was missing a key ingredient? That’s why this statement is so important. It’s not the answer to all of the industry problems, but it goes a long way toward making sure our pets are being take care of properly and they are receiving the essentials.

The Important AAFCO Statement

The officials have stated that no dog food supplier can label their food as “balanced and complete” unless it’s validated in at least one of two possibilities. The first refers to the laboratory analysis to assure that it meets the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profile. You’ll recognize these with a statement similar to “(Name of Product) is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrition Profiles.” The second way is to not only meet the AAFCO profile, but additionally by conducting field trials on dogs. If the company takes this approach, the label will be similar to “Animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures substantiate that (name of product) provides complete and balanced nutrition.” Obviously, the second method carries the most validity and should be more heavily considered.

Finding the Right Dog Food for the Right Life Stage

So, are we dealing with a puppy, adult or senior? These AAFCO statements must also clarify which stage of life this product is best suited for. These standards can be for one of two profiles:

● Adult maintenance

● Growth and reproduction

This adult maintenance category includes just non-reproducing adults that are normally active. This food shouldn’t be used for any other category. If a product is classified as available for “all life stages” then it has to meet the needs of the growth and reproduction category. And, in certain cases, there are foods classified for one particular stage, like “senior dogs”. These guidelines are not clear-cut, but they are important for the protection of our dog’s nutrition. If food cannot meet these standards, then the statement must include this statement “This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding” which means, this food cannot be used for the long-term.

Nutritional Adequacy Statements Conclusion

These statements can really save you a lot of time when shopping for your dog’s food. And they will provide some assurance that the food will meet your dog’s needs for proper nutrition. The problem is, you can’t always find the statements on the food packaging. They could be anywhere. But, don’t worry, they are supposed to there. If the statement isn’t obvious, or it doesn’t state that the product is complete and balanced and the right food for your dog, PASS. DO NOT BUY IT! Here’s what can happen. If you dog eats a deficient food consistently over time, it could mean the life of your dog. Please don’t allow that to happen. Look for the statement, read it carefully and keep Rover healthy for a long as possible.

The best dog day care Company in Sarasota

Dog is man’s best friend and needs to be well taken care of. With so many people working finding a reliable dog day care that has the animal’s best interest can be hard. While you are away on that business trip you want peace of mind and reassurance that your dog is safe. We are a reputable dog day care in Sarasota providing the best in Sarasota dog day care services. If you are looking for affordable dog day care services in Sarasota then k9 korral srq is the place for you. We give your dog the best care in the world.

As part of our dog day care services we let your dog, run, jump and interact with other dogs. Our professional dog day care services are specially designed for indoor and outdoor play areas. Our professional staff members are trained in dog behavior and dog interaction. All dogs go through a detailed temperament testing process and groups are divided by size of dog and style of play. We have a supervised dog day care service in Sarasota gives your dog time to play and socialize. We also offer dog obedient classes that help the dog learn manners and providing exercise for dogs.

Benefits of dog day care services

Dog exercise

Giving your dog enough exercise makes him happy, content and well mannered. We understand that when dogs don’t get enough exercise they find their own ways to entertain themselves. If you find your dog destroying shoes, eating your remote control or ruining the couch then you need to find something to do.

Dogs are social creatures

Dogs love to interact with other people and dogs. Cheap dog day care gives your dog a chance to interact and have fun while you are away. As a reputable dog day care we keep your dog entertained win friends and influence people with growing social skills. At Sarasota dog day care we offer the best in social dogs and keeping them well behaved. The best part about socializing yields very real benefits when you take your dog public.

Avoid messes

During long days even the best trained dog can have an accident. Offering the best dog day care services, we eliminate those messes. If you cannot get home during the day, to give your dog a potty break. Taking them to Sarasota dog day care is a good alternative. As the dog gets older he is susceptible to cause accidents if not attended between 10-12 hours.

Dog day care costs

The benefit of dog day care costs depends on your location and specific day care costs. Depending on your needs day care costs can range from $10 to $35 per day. We also offer boarding day care services if you will be away for a long. Our professional dog trainers create an environment that is best suited for your dog. You can choose which package you want for daily dog care with a special offer. Our boarding charges for night only are $25 and during the day is only $20 at k9 korral srq.

Find reputable dog day care services in Sarasota and give your dog the freedom it deserves. Get to learn more on dog care tips for daily animal interaction. With our dog day care company you can easily choose which package suits you best. We take care of your dog feeding, playing and cuddling it. Our boarding dog care services keeps your mind at ease as you go for your business trip. With professional trainers your dog will feel at home and safe under their care.

Choosing to leave your dog at a dog day care company will keep your mind at ease. See how our professional trainers handle and look out for your dog while you are away. Our affordable dog day care services make it easier for your dog to interact with other dogs and people. At K9 Korral srq we create a home away from home keeping your dog happy. Dog day care service benefits the dog and the owner keeping them happy. Dogs thrive on love and affection, living them alone for a long time makes them lonely. At K9 korral srq assures your dog of companionship throughout the day.

Make it count each day by keeping your dog happy throughout the day. It’s a happy feeling to find your dog jumping up and down from dog day care. We take care of your dog from morning by providing dog activities keeping you well exercised. Leaving your dog in the care of professionals will keep your dog happy and well mannered. It provides your dog with proper interaction with people and dogs. Take your dog for a walk or hire a dog walker as part of the outdoor routine to avoid accidents in the long run.

Get Pet Supplies Sarasota Cheap

Shopping for dog supplies in Sarasota may not be as easy as it sounds. Dogs are a lot like people. They have different needs and different lifestyles. That means you need to find a pet supplies store in the area that carries a variety of goods. The pet supplies Sarasota that you find also need to be affordable, as well as practical. K9 Korral has a variety of dog supplies and food for even the pickiest eaters.

A Wide Selection of Dog Food


Not every dog will be happy eating the name brand dog food that you find in the grocery store. They might not like the taste or the smell. You may need to try several different pet food Sarasota suppliers before you find a kind that your dog enjoys. K9 Korral has a wide variety of Puppy food Sarasota to help you get exactly what your dog needs to be happy and healthy.

Find Food for Dogs with Allergy


Much like humans, dogs can develop allergies over time. When this happens, it may eliminate many of their old food and treat choices. You will need to examine the ingredients of your dog’s food carefully and find food for dogs with allergy Sarasota that is labeled as such.

Many popular brands carry specific foods that cater to dogs with allergies. It is important to read the label and get the bag that avoids all potential allergens. For example, if your dog has an allergy to chicken, the problem will not necessarily be avoided if you buy beef-flavored kibble. You would need to examine the list of ingredients and look for chicken-based ingredients. Food for dogs with allergy Sarasota would ensure that their machinery and tools do not come in contact with the chicken and that no chicken by-products are used in the ingredients of their all beef bag.

Puppies with allergy food Sarasota needs can be a little bit different. Puppy food often uses a different formula that promotes the growth of the dog and provides them with all of the essential vitamins and minerals they need. When choosing food for puppy with allergy Sarasota, be sure to find a brand that specifies that it is for young dogs.

Reward Your Pet with Dog Treats


Even if your dog is on a very specific diet plan, there are still treats that you can give him that will reward his good behavior. Several dog treats Sarasota residents use to reward their dogs can be found at K9 Korral. When shopping for healthy treats, make sure you look for labels like all natural or organic. If you have a small dog or puppy, try to look for products formulated just for them. Puppy treats Sarasota can be easier to chew and digest then treats designed for a big dog.

Encourage Healthy Activity with

Dog Toys

Dog toys, such as tennis balls and ropes, encourage healthy play and activity. They also help you bond with your dog as you play fetch or tug of war. This has a number of different emotional and physical benefits. The only downside is that you may need to switch up your activities every once and awhile to avoid boredom. Having a variety of dog toys Sarasota can help to keep things interesting and exciting.

Healthy toys made with high quality ingredients are also available for your convenience. With affordable prices, you will be able to get many toys for your pet. Bring your pet with you on your shopping trip and see what they react to.

Do You Need a Collar and Leash in Sarasota?

It is always a wise idea to use a collar and leash, regardless of what local regulations are. Many collars and leashes are available in matching sets, making them easy to identify. Dog collars Sarasota are also available in multiple sizes, including extra small and puppy.

Dog leashes Sarasota residents use can also come in a variety of lengths. Traditional leashes are still popular; however, most residents choose a long retractable leash. The retractable leash allows you to easily adjust the space between you and your dog. Any time you and your dog leave your yard, you should be using a leash for safety.

Get Other Pet Supplies Sarasota

There are many other pet supplies Sarasota residents need in order to keep their dog happy and healthy. Work with a local store that offers affordable prices and practical merchandise. Whether you need a large stock of pet food Sarasota or a new dish, you can find it at K9 Korral. Contact us today to learn more about the dog supplies we carry and how they can help you.

Provide Your Best Friend With The Best Dog Day Care in Sarasota Fl!

Dog’s are man’s best friend. Your dog loves you unconditionally and greets you with a tail wag every single day. Being away at work during the day for 8 to 9 hours at a time leaves your dog unsocialized and lonely. Dogs need socialization and exercise every single day. If they don’t get it, it can lead to destruction and misbehavior in the house. What better way to make sure they get that than bringing them to the K9 Korral RSQ Dog Day Care in Sarasota? When you drop your beloved pooch off at the K9 Korral’s reputable Dog daycare, you will be able to rest assured that your furry friend is in good hand, having fun throughout the day at the best dog day care company in Sarasota.

Your dog will have so much fun playing with other dogs and exploring our play areas, he may not want to leave! You will never have to feel bad about leaving your dog somewhere again. We at your local Dog Day Care also understand that there are times when you can’t take your dog on a trip. It’s hard to find accommodations that accept dogs and sometimes, you just need to get away! That’s why we offer boarding as a part of our Dog Day Care service in Sarasota, as well. Another awesome part of our services at the best dog day care in Sarasota Florida is our dog training classes. We have tons of classes that are sure to suit any age and any behavioral problem when it comes to your dog. We also offer special “drop and train” classes, that no other Sarasota dog day care companies can offer, where you can drop your dog off at our Sarasota dog daycare and pick them back up with a training lesson already done!

This is perfect for people who want to use our cheap dog day care and our training lessons, as well. Your dog will soon learn to walk well on a leash, not jump on guests, socialize nicely with other dogs and many more good behavior skills! By making use of our affordable dog day care service and obedience training, you will have a happy, well-exercised and socialized dog! And everyone knows a happy dog is a well-behaved dog! Bring your dog to a place where you know it will be safe and taken care of, no matter what the circumstances may be.

Dog Day Care in Sarasota

Why you should choose K9 Korral RSQ for your Sarasota Dog Day Care Service

At K9 Korral,we work hard to make sure all of our dogs (and owners) go home happy everyday. We pride ourselves on being an extremely affordable dog day care with our low rates. We know that having exceptional, professional dog day care is important because your dog is important to you. That’s why we believe in giving you to best quality services that exceed expectations. All of our staff at our dog day care Sarasota will treat your dog like their own and show it the kindness and happiness that you would at home. We have created innovative dog day care services in Sarasota that no other local dog day care has.

Where else do you have the ability to drop your dog off for day for work and pick them up with an obedience lesson already done? Traveling without your pet can be stressful, but we want to ease some of your worries and stress by providing you with the peace of mind that your dog is at the best dog day care in Florida! We were voted best training center dog day care service in Sarasota from 2009-2014 for a reason! Our obedience classes are sure to correct your pooch of any bad behavior they may have.

Whenever you need us, we promise to be the most reliable dog day care you could have asked for. Our professionalism and sheer quality of our Sarasota dog day care services cannot be beat! We promise to give you service and affordability that no other Dog Day Care companies in sarasota can. Visit our website to see how we can help your dog be better-trained and learn how we are the best Sarasota dog care company!

The Best Dog Training in Sarasota

If you’re looking for the cheapest dog training in Sarasota, FL, but the most effective, check us out. Sarasota’s best puppy and dog classes are at K9 Corral, your one-stop shop. We offer comprehensive puppy and dog training in Sarasota County, FL classes, taking you and your dog as far as the two of you wish to go — from basic manners to advanced skills, such as agility and rally obedience.

Puppy training classes offered by K9 Coral is an excellent first step in dog training in Sarasota County, home to K9 Coral, is also the very best place for dog training, Sarasota classes.

The first step in dog obedience is a dog obedience class. K9 Coral offers four obedience classes: Obedience 101, Obedience 101.5, Obedience 102 and Obedience 103. If you are looking for dog training in Sarasota, Florida, this is the place to be. With so many choices and schedule-friendly opportunities, K9 Coral is committed to seeing dogs and owners in happy, productive relationships.

The Best in Sarasota Dog Training

K9 Coral Sarasota dog training will teach you how to bond and earn a loving relationship with your dog. Without a doubt, Sarasota is fortunate to have K9 Coral, for they see the big picture. These are dog trainers Florida can be proud of. K9 Coral understands that consistency of response could make a difference in a dangerous situation. The class, Really Reliable Recall, teaches your dog to respond to a command every time — a skill that can keep your dog, and sometimes even you, safely out of harm’s way.

Therefore, from your puppy’s infancy, treat both you and your new companion to a lifetime of happy, positive experiences. Set yourselves up for success. Come be a part of Sarasota’s best puppy and dog classes today, whether personal dog training, or in a group setting.

A genuinely strong owner-dog relationship based on trust, co-operation and well defined roles, confidence in, and control of your dogs in any situation( including around kids and other animals), and  knowledge to work with your dog’s natural drives and instincts, not against them.

Personal Dog Training Services

Dog Training in SarasotaProfessional dog training is our specialty, almost as much as affordable dog training in Sarasota. Dog training in Sarasota County, Florida can be expensive, but we understand that we’re all working with a budget. We have several courses for dog training to choose from, but our most effective might be the private services.

The Team Evaluation is a comprehensive 60-minute in-person behavioral evaluation and advisory session for you and your dog at our training facility or in your home. The 60-minute Team Evaluation is an excellent tool to obtain objective, detailed input about your dog’s behavioral status and training needs, with special emphasis on resolving problematic behaviors with appropriate behavioral modification and improved handler skills. As far as dog training in Sarasota goes, we have the best trainers in the state. Your private Team Evaluation may be all you need to resolve some bothersome behavioral issues and get you re-started on successful training on your own. Or, you can elect to continue with your team training at the K9 Korral with additional private team training lessons following your initial Team Evaluation. Or go to group classes, where our professional dog training services will benefit you and your dog in a group setting, where you and your dog can socialize.

During your Team Evaluation, we’ll evaluate your training experience and goals, your handling strategies, and other key environmental elements that are crucial to a successful training plan and a lifetime of successful behavioral management. You’ll gain a greater understanding of how to better communicate with and manage your dog to build a stronger bond and relationship with your canine family member. I personally guarantee that you will leave your Team Evaluation with new knowledge of behavioral modification strategies and the handling your new training skills to take home and successfully apply to your canine partner that day.

Whatever your training requirements and schedule availability, we can help you create a dog training plan in Sarasota County, FL that will work for you and your dog. Click here, to visit website and learn more about K9 Korral srq.

Food for Dogs with Allergy in Sarasota

A dog is a family’s best friend and is treated as one of the family. Just like with any other family member, when there are issues with your dog, you take action to find out what is going on. Food allergies in dogs are a common concern that most pet owners have in mind. If your dog has an allergy from the food that it eats, they will show characteristics such as skin breakouts, itchiness and hives. Food allergies account for about 10-15% of allergies in dogs and cats. When your dog has a food allergy, the immune system mistakes the ingredients or additives in the food as being harmful and the antibodies within the body tries to fight off invading enemy. This then causes the different symptoms that your dog may have after eating the food.
When you find out that your dog has food allergies, you must take precaution in finding the proper food for dogs with allergy Sarasota so that your dog will have minimum suffering from the issue at hand. Food intolerance are often misdiagnosed as food allergies, therefore, certain foods must be taken out of the diet. Food for dogs with allergy Sarasota will have the proper food combination for your dog that will provide a healthy diet.

How to Find Food for Puppy with Allergy Sarasota

Food for Dogs with Allergy in SarasotaA puppy can be a cute furry friend that can be a handful. When a food allergy is mixed in with the already rambunctious puppy, it can create even more havoc. Puppies are easily affected by a food allergy because they are still building up their immune system. Any type of trigger can create a food allergy, which last from puppyhood throughout adulthood.
As with people that have food allergies, finding the right food for puppy with allergy Sarasota goes by trial and error.

Even when two puppies of the same breed have a food allergy, a specific ingredient of the food may be different for both of the puppies that can trigger the allergy. Dietary elimination trials are an accurate and practical way to determine food allergies whether it is a puppy or an adult dog. As a pet owner, you can work with your veterinarian to balance out the food for puppy with allergy Sarasota that has few addictives and ingredients as possible. This also includes removing any puppy treats, table food and any other puppy food or toys while the isolation of the allergen is in effect. Always keep in contact with your veterinarian if you feel that the food may not be working, as they are able to recommend further treatments or food that may work better for your dog’s food allergy.

K9Korral Offers a Healthy Variety of Pet Food Sarasota to Furry Customers

K9Korral knows that your pet is an important family member and we will treat our furry customers as an important part of our family too. With our healthy variety of pet food Sarasota selections, you can be sure you will find the right pet food for your furry friend. Your dog’s nutrition is just as important as your own and it plays an important role in your dog’s overall health and life. With high quality diet in our pet food Sarasota, it offers many benefits for your pet such as:
• Greater nutritional benefits in smaller food quantities
• Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients
• Stronger immune system to prevent infection and illnesses
• Healthier skin and coat and an overall improvement in quality of life
• Fewer veterinary visits which means lower veterinary costs
• Reduced pet waste

When you need help amongst the confusion of the many pet food brands that are out on the market, K9Korral is here to help you. The best type of pet food Sarasota is here is with K9Korral as we only endorse high quality food and none of the low quality fillers that you may find in other pet foods. You dog will love the food that we provide for them and at the same time, start giving them a healthier life.
Contact us through our website or call (941) 915-8181 for more information on our pet supplies and other pet services.

The Place for Professional Dog Day Care

Dogs truly are a person’s best friend. They are loyal and caring, and they just want to spend time with you, regardless of how you look or feel. They do not judge you or ask too many questions, and all they ask in return is that you spend some time with them and make sure that they are properly cared for when they need something. For these reasons and many more, most pet owners treat their dogs as part of the family, and they only want the best for their animals. We know how you feel. You want to take your dog with you everywhere. But what about when you have to leave him or her behind? Not every place is pet friendly, and sometimes, you will have to take a vacation without your beloved animal. When that is the case, you need a professional dog day care that you can trust.

How Can I Tell If Someplace Is A Reliable Dog Day Care?

A good day care will have everything your pet needs to feel right at home. There will be plenty for your animal to do, places that they can lie down and take a nap when they want to take a break, and plentiful access to food and water. Even if you are only dropping your dog off while you are at work so that they can have some fun with other puppies, you still want to make sure that he or she will be well taken care of, which is the goal of any reliable dog day care.

Sometimes you may be leaving your pup while you and your family venture off for a vacation, and that is when it is of the utmost importance to make sure that you find a place that you can trust. You would absolutely do your homework before you left your children in the care of somebody else, so why should you do any less for your four-legged best friend?

Who Can I Trust For Dog Day Care Services In Sarasota?

K9 Korral can handle anything and everything that your dog might need while you are away. Whether you are just dropping your pup off while you are at work so that he or she can get some exercise or you need him or her boarded for a few days while you are out of town, we have a trained staff that will make sure that your pet is well cared for.  We have been providing dog day care services in Sarasota for a long time, and we have worked hard to create a reputation for outstanding service.

Our staff does lots of obedience work for the owners that wish to enroll their animals in our classes, so you can rest easy knowing that we understand every aspect of caring for your pet from basic care to training to exercise needs. We have experience caring for nearly every breed of dog you can imagine, so no matter what kind of exercise and diet regimen your pet may require, we have a staff that understands those needs.

When you bring your dog to K9 Korral, you are bringing her to a second home. We want to be more than just a dog day care in Sarasota; we want your pet to feel completely at ease when you drop him or her off with us. Obviously you never want to have to spend time away from your beloved animal, but if you do, you want her to be as comfortable as possible in your absence, and that is the atmosphere that we strive to create.

Some dog day care companies only want your money, so they rush you into making a decision. At K9 Korral, we understand the trust that is necessary to leave your pet in someone else’s care. We want you to think of us as more than just a place that you take your dog when you have to leave town; we want you to think of us as a safe place where you know your pet will be treated the way he or she deserves. Visit our website at to learn more.